Ministry of Transportation Medical Review Committee

January 5, 2022

Are you looking for an exciting opportunity to use your expertise to help determine whether Albertans with medical conditions are able to drive? The AMA is recruiting two Edmonton-area physicians for the Alberta Ministry of Transportation Medical Review Committee. The Medical Review Committee plays an important role in improving traffic safety on Alberta's roadways by the application of medical fitness standards for drivers wishing to obtain or maintain an Alberta driver's licence.

The Medical Review Committee (MRC) is a committee of three physicians licensed to practice in Alberta. As per Section 59 of the Traffic Safety Act, the Minister may appoint a Medical Review Committee by agreement with the Alberta Medical Association.

The Medical Review Committee provides recommendations as to whether a (potential) licence holder meets the minimum medical standards for licensure. The Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) Medical Standards for Drivers provide guidance for decision making in the majority of cases. Consideration may be given to deviate from the medical standards if the licence holder is able to compensate for their condition. It may be necessary to request further information or to apply conditions and/or terms on the licence holder. Other tasks provided by the MRC may include advice on policy and procedures to the department.

For the review, the Medical Review Committee handles PDF files through a Government of Alberta computer, software, and account, to ensure compliance with privacy and government regulations. The advice provided cannot be supplemented by the use of Netcare, as accessing this system for non-patient care activities is not a legitimate use of this resource.

The physicians serving on the Medical Review Committee represent the AMA and are paid the rate set by Alberta Health and the AMA through their agreement. Remuneration for the services to Alberta Transportation are negotiated by the Alberta Medical Association and are based on a half-daily fee for each session provided.

The Medical Review Committee works closely with the Manager and the Reviewing Officers of the Medical Fitness team in the Driver Fitness and Monitoring unit in Alberta Transportation. Before the start of the pandemic, the physicians regularly worked from the Twin Atria building in Edmonton, to facilitate better contact with the team. 

Alberta Transportation Reviewing Officers are responsible for the case-by-case review of all complaints and referrals made regarding the aptitude of a client to continue operating a vehicle in a safe manner. The Reviewing Officers undertake the review using their expertise in traffic safety legislation, policies, and the CCMTA Standards. Consistency is paramount in how the reviews are conducted and how the decisions are perceived negatively, politically, legally and human rights implications. Reviewing Officers’ decisions impact thousands of drivers in a given year, as they have the delegated authority to suspend or put conditions on an individual’s driving privileges. As part of the Medical Review Committee you will a key component in be providing the Reviewing Officers advice on a variety of complex medical files. 

If you are interested in this unique position and you live in the Edmonton area, please send your cover letter and resume to Didi Wimmer-Frank, Director, Contract Negotiations, AMA Health Economics, at by January 20, 2022.

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