PPE for Physician Offices - Update from AHS

June 16, 2020

Alberta Health Services shares further details on the option to procure critical PPE and supplies through AHS if you are a PCN, community primary care physician or community specialist physician.

  • AHS has committed to supplying PPE on a full cost-recovery basis until March 31, 2021.
  • Community physicians who procure PPE through AHS will now receive an invoice for orders placed starting May 26, 2020. Please see the current AHS PPE price list.
  • AHS prices for PPE reflect the cost of the product as well as distribution, administration and processing. AHS will also be charging for delivery at cost. AHS does not make a profit on PPE distribution.

To obtain PPE, PCN members will order through their PCN. Community physicians who are not members of PCNs will order directly through AHS. More information is posted on www.ahs.ca/covidPHC and here:

AHS is just one option for community physicians to order PPE. They can also order PPE through the Government of Alberta’s Provincial Operations Centre until July 1, or they can source from any other supplier in the market.

A provincial grant announced June 5 may support community physicians in purchasing supplies, such as PPE, required to resume operations. More information will be provided by the Government of Alberta as it becomes available.

AHS recognizes the ongoing challenge of securing proper PPE, across North America and worldwide. AHS has been able to maintain supplies and procure in bulk, and is happy to extend this benefit to health care partners in the community.

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