Update from Well Doc Alberta

December 9, 2020

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Looking to help or get help from other physicians?

Well Doc Alberta is working with interested groups of physicians (e.g., Divisions, Departments, community physicians, rural physicians) across the province to develop and train formal physician-to-physician peer support teams. So far, seven teams have been established and there is still capacity to begin working with additional groups.

For more information on the Physician Peer Support Team Training, please email WellDocAlberta@ucalgary.ca.

Looking for the latest physician wellness events and research studies open for recruitment?

Visit Well Doc Alberta’s new Community Bulletin Board. All postings are reviewed by Well Doc Alberta for relevancy and applicability to Alberta physicians, residents and medical students. Please note that for-profit events will not be posted nor will research studies without formal Research Ethics Board approval or exemption (in the case of quality improvement work).

Want to share your event or recruit colleagues for your research study? Be sure to submit your posting early and allow at least one week for your submission to be reviewed.

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