The power of fitness for women in medicine

PFSP Perspectives

April 20, 2018

Attendees at the Fitness in Medicine Retreat 2017

Contributed by: Amber Fripp, MD, FRCPC | General Internal Medicine Specialist

If you are a woman, from Calgary and in medicine, you might have been one of enthusiastic participants who got together to celebrate the Fitness in Medicine Retreat 2017.

What does a Fitness in Medicine Retreat look like? Well, it’s a moment for women of all ages, training levels and interests to get together to support, motivate and inspire one another, while getting a little bit sweaty of course.

The weekend started with each of us reflecting on what health means to us and what a healthy version of ourselves looks like. With that in mind, we started moving. A few workouts and a movement fundamentals class got us off on the right foot, followed by lunch and nutrition talks leading into an afternoon of yoga and the opportunity for a manicure and massage.

Day two started off with obstacle course racing, lunch and mentorship talks followed by a workout, an interactive meditation session on yoga and a closing mindful yoga practice.

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