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Drug Use in the Elderly (DUE) Quarterly was produced by the Alberta Medical Association (AMA) and the Alberta College of Pharmacists (ACP). The publication was designed to promote more effective medication use by seniors in a team approach with the patient, physician and pharmacist.

DUE Quarterly was discontinued in April 2012.

A final note from the DUE Quarterly Editorial Committee

Based on the 2011 readership survey results for DUE Quarterly, the AMA and ACP have decided to terminate publication. The April 2012 issue is, therefore, the last edition of DUE Quarterly.

The joint editorial committee, which has overseen publication of DUE Quarterly, sincerely thanks all of our readers for their support; the dedicated physician and pharmacist authors who volunteered their time and expertise to give practical advice on improving patient care; our publication’s longstanding sponsors – the AMA Health Issues Council and ACP Council, with support from Alberta Blue Cross on behalf of Alberta Health; and the AMA and ACP staff, and especially our AMA editor, whose support made this work possible.

The editorial committee hopes both professions will continue to look for ways to work together to promote a collaborative approach to medication management for older Albertans. Although new issues of DUE Quarterly will not be produced:

This archive contains recent back issues of Drug Use in the Elderly (DUE) Quarterly. For older issues, please contact:

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  • April >>  (final issue)
    Treatment of Osteoarthritis in the Elderly
  • January >>
    Management of Osteoporosis: An Integrated Approach


  • October >>
    What gives? Non-approved or off-label indications: A panacea or quagmire?
  • July >>
    Evaluation and management of chronic constipation in the elderly
  • April >>
    Strategies for diagnosing and managing Type 2 diabetes in seniors
  • January >>
    The art of managing seniors with HF


  • October >>
    How to manage a common dermatologic complaint – pruritus
  • July >>
    What vaccines are recommended for seniors?
  • April >>
    Restless legs syndrome: An approach to diagnosis, medical workup, drug selection and drug dosing
  • January >>
    Advice to improve team-based care and pharmacist-physician communication

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