Dr. David B. Hogan bio


Dr. David B Hogan

Dr. David B. Hogan was born in Baie Comeau, QC. He attended universities in Nova Scotia, Alberta and Ontario.

Dr. Hogan is a specialist in internal medicine and sub-specialist in geriatric medicine. He joined the University of Calgary in 1990 where he held the Brenda Strafford Foundation Chair in Geriatric Medicine for 25-years and is now the Academic Lead of the Brenda Strafford Centre on Aging (O’Brien Institute for Public Health).

A distinguished career, Dr. Hogan has served as Chair of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada Specialty Committee in Geriatric Medicine; President of the Canadian Geriatrics Society; and editor of the Canadian Geriatrics Journal. Dr. Hogan has authored about 600 abstracts, articles and book chapters including more than 280 peer-reviewed publications.

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