WCB Report to Employer ("pink copy") no longer required

January 5, 2017

The Workers’ Compensation Board and AMA have reached an agreement on a long-standing issue regarding back-to-work (BTW) documentation for employers. Physicians will no longer need to provide the equivalent of the former "pink copy" report to the employer. If the employer requires a work slip for BTW information, you can charge the employer for this service. You may not charge the worker.

In the past, physicians completed a triplicate form regarding BTW information for WCB-covered workers. This form contained a pink copy that was provided to the worker for the employer. Certain fields were automatically blacked out, so that the pink copy contained only the information absolutely required for BTW processes to meet WCB requirements.

When the WCB moved to electronic submissions, physicians needed to print the equivalent of a pink copy by which the employer could receive the minimal information they needed to facilitate BTW processes. Following our recent discussions, and the increase in same day reporting by physicians, the need for a printed pink copy was reduced. For situations where this information might be requested by the employer, it will be made available via the secure WCB employer website to those employers that have submitted their employer's report of accident electronically to WCB.

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