Tentative Amending Agreement Next Steps

September 2, 2016

Dr. Carl W. Nohr, AMA President

Dear Member:

My President’s Letter on Tuesday, August 30 advised that the Alberta Medical Association (AMA) had reached agreement with government on a tentative package of amendments to the ongoing 2011-18 AMA Agreement. Here is what happens next.

Special Representative Forum (RF)

On the evening of Thursday, September 8, a special meeting of the RF will be held from two web-linked sites in Edmonton and Calgary. Delegates unable to travel to those locations will be able to access the meeting online. (Note that the regular fall RF and annual general meeting will still take place September 23-24 in Calgary.)

The 2011-18 AMA Agreement remains in force. The RF will receive a detailed briefing on the tentative amendments that are being proposed in the interests of stewardship of health resources and a system that is sustainable financially, but also delivers access to quality care.

The board will convene a meeting immediately following the RF and, considering the input received, determine if the tentative amendments package warrants being sent for a ratification vote to members.

The vote

Should the board decide to initiate a ratification vote, we will ensure that you have the information you need to make an informed decision. We will also give you opportunities to ask questions and receive clarification.

Each member will receive a ratification package by email, including the complete legal document and a plain language overview. You will also receive the information you need to cast your vote by electronic means.

In addition to the written materials, we are planning information sessions at regional sites across the province. You will be able to join in person or by videoconference or audio line. We will gather frequently-asked-question material on the website, and will respond to emails and calls.

The voting window will be confirmed next week. We expect to start voting soon after the RF, and close around the middle of October.

As you can see, there is much more information to come. If you have questions or concerns at any time, please let me know. Remember that while the AMA negotiating team, with oversight by the Board of Directors, has reached this tentative amendments package, nothing can be implemented without ratification. That means every physician will have the opportunity to vote.

One final note: With reference to media coverage in the last few days, I would clarify that the plan is not to move all physicians off fee-for-service (FFS) as some stories have suggested. There is a component in the package of an optional blended capitation model for primary care – one that we have been talking about for several years. There are no plans, though, to eliminate FFS.

Thank you for your support as we have worked toward reaching this tentative amendments package. I look forward to hearing from you in the weeks ahead.

Please let me know what you think. Email president@albertadoctors.org or leave a comment below.

Kind regards,

Carl W. Nohr, MDCM, PhD, FRCSC, FACS

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    Jane Kachope


    3:21 PM on September 10, 2016

    Dear Dr Nohr ,thank you for the important and relentless work you are doing to represent the patients' and doctors' needs . I am a family physician in Edmonton who starts work and 7 am and stops work at home remotely around 1.30am to 2am . The responsibility to a physician is overwhelming and part of our daily living . Iam sure this is not unique to me. I am sure you have communicated to AHS that physicians's remuneration follows real real hard work .

    About stewardship ,the patients need to get on board ,some people believe it is their right to utilize government funds the way they feel and a doctor has no right to ,for instance say , you don't need the MRI . These are daily arguments we have with select patients , but it adds up. Some rules could support us

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