Update on academic medicine developments

September 14, 2017

Dr. Padraic E. Carr, AMA President

Dear Member:

Under the Amending Agreement, the Alberta Medical Association is participating in development of the provincial Academic Medicine and Health Services Program (AMHSP). This is what we have typically referred to as the provincial Academic Alternative Relationship Plan (AARP). The parties involved are the universities, Alberta Health and Alberta Health Services.

The AMHSP has been moving forward. This is a very positive development for many members and the health care system in which academic medicine plays such a critical role. The Amending Agreement provides the AMA with a seat at both the provincial strategy and operations committees for the AMHSP. We are very pleased to serve at these tables on behalf of our many academic members and contribute to the development of the AMHSP. In collaboration with our partners, we will work to ensure the ongoing success and expansion of its programs.

This summer, a new AMHSP Master Service Agreement (MSA) has been signed and an Individual Services Agreement (ISA) completed. The ISA is supplemented by a Schedule A for each participating physician that details an individual’s personal requirements under the new program and the individual percentages of their service commitments.

These Schedule A documents are to be signed by September 30. The AMA is not a signatory to either the MSA or ISA. We have been contacted, though, by some of our academic members, saying that they believe they require more time to fully review the documents. It is certainly important that members have opportunity to understand the commitments they are making. With our partners, the AMA is looking into ways to manage this need with consideration for the overall timelines.

In discussions with academic members, we have also identified some broader, long-term issues to address, e.g., appeals processes. The AMA has a seat at the provincial AMHSP operations committee and can bring such matters forward there. To do this effectively, we will need to work with our academic members to understand opportunities and challenges and determine the best ways to handle them.

I am writing to all members today so that you are aware of the above developments. I also wanted to reach any individuals who might be affected. If you are an AARP member and have not yet signed your Schedule A, we encourage you to review it and seek advice from your own lawyer and accountant to determine any impact this agreement may have on you personally.

Should you have any questions or comments related to the ISA or the academic medicine plan in general, please do not hesitate to contact the AMA. We wish to provide any support we can and, as mentioned, are eager to capture all issues of interest to academic physicians.

You can reach me anytime by email: president@albertadoctors.org or be leaving a comment below.

Yours truly,

Padraic E. Carr, BMedSc, MD, FRCPC, DABPN

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