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May 8, 2020

Dr. Christine Molnar

Dear Members:

On May 5, I released a letter to the Minister. It was jointly signed by physician leaders as a declaration of unity within the profession and support for the Alberta Medical Association as the representative of physicians.

Thank you to members who wrote me to echo this message. I also want to extend a huge shout out to hundreds of our social media regulars who enthusiastically joined our tweetstorm:

We unanimously reject unilateral actions taken by this government regarding physician services.
We will not enter into discussions without AMA representation

Today, I have received a statement issued by our Specialty Care Alliance. It is a thoughtful commentary on the damage inflicted by unilateral government decision making, an expression of support for both rural and urban colleagues who have been impacted and a resounding amplification of the message: We are the AMA.

Thank you to the SCA for this wonderful support!!!

We have a difficult road before us, but the determination of physicians will carry the day in the end. I have been convinced of this as I read letters from groups such as the SCA, but also from individual members and practice groups. I’d like to share one that I received today. It’s from the physicians of Rimbey Medical Clinic to their local MLA and the Minister. Like so many letters that I have read in recent weeks, it captures the determination and professionalism that make me so proud of the members of the AMA.

With so many voices raised, we will stand strong in pursuing a negotiated agreement with access to third-party arbitration as necessary.

Please take time this weekend to join our campaign calling on government to get back to the table. Nearly 2,000 of you have signed up already. Let’s get those numbers higher! Physicians have our own link to sign up. The public may now participate at patientsfirst.ca, and you will see advertising to promote the opportunity for the public in the weeks ahead.

In your service,

Christine P. Molnar, MD, FRCPC
President, Alberta Medical Association


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  • #1

    Terry Purich

    Member of the public

    2:13 PM on May 11, 2020

    Keep up the good work, particularly the validated/factual information brought forward honestly for the voting public to consume. It is decades overdue that every Albertan become enlightened on where healthcare dollars go, staffing levels in AHS, as well as staffing in AH (and what it is). In 50yrs I have never seen physicians stand together in this province as they are now. That has my ultimate respect and my hat is off to every one of them.

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    Mary Gamble

    Member of the public

    10:54 AM on May 12, 2020

    Thank you AMA for backing our doctors and bringing Albertans the true story and up to date pertinent information. Hoping with your organization behind these so called changes we can see some positive results. I am oh so fed up with the canned responses I get from the UCP.

    In Pincher Creek we need our doctors and we have an excellent team of Doctors as of now. We also have a program called “the Good Wellness Team” a team of professionals working along side the patient and Doc when needed for the physical and mental well being of Pincher Creek and area.

    Thank you AMA for caring and getting the honest information out for Albertans to digest.

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