Mental Health and Vaccination Conversation during COVID-19: Path out of the Darkness

April 28, 2021

NOTE: Event shared at the request of the Public Health Agency of Canada. 

Dr. Angel Chu and Dr. Margie Oakander from the University of Calgary are presenting. The webinar is being hosted by Pfizer.

Dr. Oakander will be providing resourcing and conversation around mental health issues being the 5th wave of the COVID pandemic, then Dr Chu will provide a latest update on vaccination.


7 – 9 p.m.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about the effects of historical natural disasters/pandemics on the mental health of populations
  • Expand our repertoire of strategies for handling mental health issues related to the COVID pandemic
  • Learn more about on-line resources that are available to help our patients through these challenging times
  • A review of the COVID 19 virus and COVID 19 infections
  • A review of the COVID 19 vaccines that are approved in Canada
  • A review of other respiratory vaccines that are relevant at this time

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