Alternative Relationship Plans


John Papadatos, ARP PMO

Please note: Academic ARPs are currently under review. Visit Alberta Health's website for more information.

This website page focuses on clinical ARPs.

Two kinds of Alternative Relationship Plans (ARPs) are used in Alberta.

  • A Clinical Alternative Relationship Plan (clinical ARP) is a physician compensation model that provides an alternative to fee-for-service (FFS).
  • An Academic Alternative Relationship Plan (academic ARP) is a compensation model for physicians who teach, research, take on leadership roles and do clinical work at Alberta universities or medical facilities.

Learn about clinical ARPs

Read the Alberta Medical Association's principles for ARPs


  • Helps physicians and other clinical ARP stakeholders in developing, implementing and fulfilling the requirements of the clinical ARP program in Alberta.
  • Works with physician applicants and other stakeholders to explore whether a clinical ARP fits the needs of the physician group and patient population.
  • Provides significant assistance with the clinical ARP application and approval processes and implementation.

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