Medical Liability Reimbursement (MLR) payment information

Find out how to receive the MLR, and learn about the program's income tax implications.

If you are eligible for this benefit, we will automatically reimburse your Canadian Medical Protective Association fees, less a prorated deductible of $1,000:
Learn about eligibility for this benefit

When will I be reimbursed?

  • Early reimbursement Annual Pre-Authorized Debit: mid-April.
  • Already enrolled in the Annual PAD plan: mid-May.
  • If you pay your CMPA fees through pre-authorized monthly payments: Quarterly installments about one month after the end of each quarter.

For additional information on your CMPA fee payment method, call the CMPA at 1.800.267.6522.

If you have withdrawn your consent for this transfer of information, you need to give the Alberta Medical Association a copy of your CMPA acknowledgment form before we can reimburse you. (CMPA will give you this form.)

Submitting proof of payment

If you pay private insurance, you will be reimbursed up to the CMPA rates (less a $1,000 deductible) once you give the AMA your proof of payment.

Early reimbursement process

As a benefit for members, the AMA can reimburse you in mid April before the CMPA debits your account on May 1.

To participate, you must have met program eligibility requirements by December 31 and have enrolled in the CMPA’s annual direct debit plan:
Learn about eligibility for this benefit 

If you are a new physician or participating in Alberta’s Early Reimbursement for the first time, you must enroll by logging into your member dashboard:

  • Select CMPA reimbursement preference under MLR
  • Click on Early Reimbursement
  • Update your preference

If you don’t see your preference on your dashboard contact the administrator.

If you make any changes to your current payment preference you must also advise CMPA of the change.

Consider signing up for direct deposit to ensure that your reimbursement arrives before the CMPA debits your bank account:

Mail or fax the form to the AMA:
Deanna J. Longmuir
Benefits Administrator
Alberta Medical Association
12230 106 Ave NW
Edmonton AB T5N 3Z1
F 780.482.5445

Income tax implications

  • Reimbursements received through the MLR program must be declared as income for tax purposes.
  • You may continue to claim your CMPA fees as allowed under the current tax regulations.
  • For more information about tax implications, please contact your accountant.
  • We will not send you a tax receipt.

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