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AMA Response to Insured Services Consultation Items

  • View the Government Insured Services Consultation, AMA's assessments, member feedback and AMA's final response.

The Economic Realities of Physician Compensation in Alberta

  • An economics paper, including key aspects associated with physician compensation in Alberta that were missed by the MacKinnon report.

Mythbusters: Mythbusting the Government of Alberta's Position on Doctors' Pay

How much are doctors paid in Alberta? Are doctors asking for more money? Are doctors leaving Alberta? Is the government negotiating with doctors? Why did the government tear up its contract with doctors?

  • An AMA report that corrects common myths and misperceptions regarding physician pay. It reflects the physicians’ perspective and the impact on their practices.

Resources for Physicians and Albertans

Take Yes for an Answer Real Proposals, Real Savings: Setting the Record Straight

  • An overview of our July offer to Minister of Health Tyler Shandro, the latest of six proposals for savings.

Understanding Doctors' Pay

The AMA advances patient-centered, quality care by advocating for and supporting physician leadership and wellness.