Advocacy Resources

Toolkits for physicians, easy ways to get started and resources on creating your own materials. On this page:

Key messages

View the main messages for physicians and for conversation with patients and the public.


Myth Buster - Did AMA fail to propose ideas to reduce costs?

Dr. Howard Evans is a Urological Surgeon from Edmonton and a member of the AMA’s Board of Directors. Watch as he clarifies some myths that the AMA failed to bring forward any proposals for how to reduce costs.

Myth Buster – Rural physicians working with the AMA

Dr. Samantha Myhr is a family physician from Pincher Creek, Alberta. Watch as she clarifies some myths and shares her experience with the AMA as a member of the grassroots Rural Sustainability Group.

Public relations campaigns

Patients First®

The website allows members and Albertans to quickly and easily write to their MLAs and copy the Minister with a simple message: Get back to the table with doctors and negotiate an agreement that is good for patients and the health care system. Learn more about this campaign.

Stand Up for Health Care, Together

This campaign was designed to drive Albertans to to participate in the letter writing campaign. The campaign included advertising in many formats, including social media; digital news sites; search engine sites like Google; newspaper print ads in major dailies and rural papers; and broadcast radio. Learn more about this campaign.

The AMA advances patient-centered, quality care by advocating for and supporting physician leadership and wellness.