Physician Advocacy Support

Physicians are skilled health care experts, whose specialized knowledge and experience are essential to improving outcomes, increasing efficiencies and mobilizing change within the health care system. As health advocates, you champion the needs of your patients and protect the integrity of the entire system.

As our province deals with the health impacts of the ongoing pandemic and emerging issues such as the challenges relating to virtual care, your voice is more important and needed than ever. The following materials have been created to help you advocate on issues that matter to Albertans.

Key Messages

Physicians want to be part of the solution

  • We are dedicated stewards of the health care system and are constantly exploring system savings and improvements.
  • We understand the economic challenges this province is facing and want to be part of creating sustainable, safe solutions.

Physicians are champions of an integrated, publicly-funded health care system

  • We believe all Albertans should have access to quality, timely care whenever and wherever they need it.
  • We are dedicated to creating a medical home for patients and working together to deliver the continuity of care all Albertans deserve.


New resources to support advocacy on issues that are impacting our health system. These posters, which are intended to help spark conversations with patients and the public, are available for immediate download

Don't let fear of COVID mask other health issues - click to download PDFDownload PDF of poster

Practice Impacts

Real-Time Data

Have government changes or the realities of the pandemic changed your practice? Are you considering leaving the province, closing your practice or taking an early retirement?

The AMA is dedicated to gathering data that accurately captures current physician information. A new data collection tool has been added to the member dashboard to update your practice information as well as capture any practice changes you intend to make - including leaving Alberta or closing your practice. Information will be anonymized and used to create reports for the board that will also be available to any members interested in reviewing the aggregate data and trends or projections.

If you have experienced a change in your practice, please go to the ‘My Practice Information’ area on the member dashboard to update your practice information. If you know someone who is leaving or retiring, please encourage them to update their practice information on their member dashboard.

Podcast: Alberta, This is Going to Hurt

In this podcast, Alberta physicians delve into the impacts and issues arising from many pressures on our health care system. This includes instability and stress from the year-long impasse with government without an agreement and government funding changes. Added to this is the impact of COVID. The cumulative effects impact every Albertan. Guests of the podcast include community activists, academics, policy experts and patients who have been impacted by funding changes.

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The AMA advances patient-centered, quality care by advocating for and supporting physician leadership and wellness.