Student Spotlight: Rachel Bethune

January 15, 2020

Rachel Bethune, Medical Student, University of Calgary

Contributed by Moiz Hafeez, Medical Student

Rachel Bethune is a medical student in her final year at the University of Calgary. Prior to medical school, Rachel completed her Master of Public Health degree at the University of Saskatchewan where she was awarded the prestigious School of Public Health Gold Scholarship. Throughout her schooling she has participated in, chaired, or otherwise led committees that aimed to look after the welfare of and the quality of life of medical students.

As part of the Calgary Medical Students' Association, Rachel served as the VP External Affairs and has recently completed multiple student leadership roles with the Alberta Medical Association. She also served as the student representative on the College Council for the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta. As a part of this role, Rachel advocated on behalf on medical students for issues that matter to them.

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