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    Governing Rule: 14.3


    If multiple procedures listed under GRs 14.1 and 14.2 are performed during the same encounter in a location other than a nursing home, general or auxiliary hospital, AACC, UCC or a facility which has a contract with a regional health authority to provide any of these insured services, the following applies:

    • 14.3.1

      For the same anatomical area (example - 3 moles removed from the face), only one tray may be claimed except when the condition relates to suspected cancer or infection, in which case, if required, additional tray(s) may be claimed at 50%.

    • 14.3.2

      For different anatomical areas, the tray for the initial procedure may be claimed at 100% and if required, the tray for each additional procedure may be claimed at 50%.

    • 14.3.3

      Benefits for additional trays may not exceed the benefit listed for one major tray.