Cardiovascular Disease risk screening and dyslipidemia treatment for primary prevention of Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease

On demand

The intent of this online CME is to support and educate key providers (ie. physicians, pharmacists, NPs) with the information needed to engage in lab-based cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk screening and apply appropriate evidence-based treatment to patients for primary prevention of ASCVD.

Physician Practice Improvement Program (PPIP) Virtual Care Standard of Practice

August 22, 2024

Looking for an activity to fulfill the College of Physicians & Surgeons (CPSA) Physician Practice Improvement Program’s (PPIP) requirements? This 90-minute interactive session explores the CPSA Virtual Care Standard of Practice and assists in completion of an action plan for this PPIP activity.

Physician Wellness Workshop: Your life in retirement

August 28, 2024

The AMA is pleased to host Dr. Philippe Erhard to facilitate the Your Life in Retirement Workshop.

Opioids for Chronic Pain - CME self-assessment program

On demand

This self-assessment module, accredited by both the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and the College of Family Physicians of Canada, will enable participants to improve their opioid prescribing practices by engaging with the most current and updated 2017 Canadian Opioid Guideline and literature.

Medical Record Keeping

June 14 and September 12, 2024

This program aims to address sufficient documentation, which is central to patient safety and continuity of quality care. Participants will learn how to appropriately document patient encounters following the Subjective Objective Assessment Plan (SOAP) format.

2024 Alberta Association of Clinic Managers Conference

September 25 - 27

Early bird registration is open until July 22. The AACM is putting together an agenda full of engaging, relevant sessions for managers at all levels in clinics of all types and sizes.

Social Media 201

September 26, 2024

In this intermediate session, members who are already using social media are invited to learn tactics and tools to help make your social media life easier—more efficient and effective. Get ideas for creating content, managing engagement and building community, tips, tricks and tools to use social media more strategically and seamlessly. Social Media 101 is recommended as a prerequisite for this session.

Micro-Aggression Training for Physicians

On demand

Micro-Aggression Training for Physicians, developed last year by CPSA, Alberta Health Services and the Alberta Medical Association, positions Alberta’s physicians as leaders in addressing racism in health care settings. This online, on-demand training aims to help members understand what micro-aggressions are, how to recognize them, why they are harmful and how to respond.

International Conference on Physician Health

October 17-19, 2024

Call for abstracts now open. The International Conference on Physician Health (ICPH) 2024 is an opportunity for physicians and researchers from Canada, the United States and United Kingdom to learn from each other, network around their work and connect on issues that matter.

Palliative Care Education & Research Conference

October 21, 2024

Each person’s experience with a life limiting illness is unique with many nuances. Compassion and hope are powerful sources of strength, therefore fostering these during a vulnerable time is vital. Join the Palliative Institute in sharing your clinical and research insights by growing a conversation that extends compassion with each other, as well as the people experiencing a life limiting illness.

Media Relations 101

2024 dates: July 11, November 14

Please note session will not be recorded. In this beginner session, members will walk away feeling more comfortable and confident in navigating social media platforms and understanding how to create strategic and engaging content for advocacy efforts, amplifying positive messages, mitigating criticism and more.

Media Relations 201

2024 dates: September 12 and December 5

Hosted by the AMA's Shan Rupnarain, Executive Vice President, Public Affairs, with our media training partner Grant Ainsley, this is a three-hour session for those who anticipate doing a lot of media. It will involve working up messages, doing mock interviews, receiving feedback (and trying again if there's time). Space is limited for this session

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News and Latest UpdatesRSS

Update: Alberta wildfires

July 23, 2024

We are thinking of our colleagues who are under evacuation orders due to wildfires near Jasper and in northern parts of our province. We hope that this situation won’t last long and that you, your patients and neighbours can return home soon.

AMA in the news

July 19, 2024

View ongoing media coverage of AMA President Dr. Paul Parks and other physician leaders who have been actively speaking to the media and providing interviews and insight.

General Surgery information campaign begins today

July 8, 2024

Watch our news conference video including media question and answer session.

Why are we worried about general surgery?

July 8, 2024

PRESIDENT'S LETTER: General surgery needs attention and intervention from government! Today we launch the second issue in our advocacy campaign Acute Care Concerns. An issue paper is available. Earlier today I held a news conference with Section of General Surgery President Dr. Lloyd Mack. You can view the video of the presentation with media Q&A on our website.

Cancer care: public engaging

July 5, 2024

PRESIDENT'S LETTER: As the first theme in our Acute Care Concerns series, advocacy for cancer care has been gaining momentum in recent weeks. I have given many interviews and there have been multiple stories in the past 48 hours. The bottom line: wait times for oncologist care are unsafe and worsening. Each issue of the acute care campaign will run about six weeks, so it is time to turn our attention to our next focus: general surgery.

Our new CEO

July 2, 2024

PRESIDENT'S LETTER: The Board is excited to announce Karina Guy will assume the role of AMA’s CEO as of July 18, 2024.

MUST SEE: Video comprehensive care model

June 27, 2024

PRESIDENT'S LETTER: I appreciated that about 280 members joined the June 26 Inside Scoop virtual town hall on June 25.

Member-only Town Halls

June 26, 2024

Inside Scoop Virtual Town Halls provide members the opportunity to participate in candid conversations between the AMA president and members about the the latest events affecting the AMA and profession. The recording of the June 25 meeting is available to watch.

New land acknowledgement and town hall reminder

June 20, 2024

PRESIDENT'S LETTER: June is National Indigenous History Month in Canada, an annual event intended to celebrate and learn about the rich history and contributions of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples. The AMA has chosen this month to unveil a new land acknowledgement statement, which demonstrates our deep respect for the Indigenous Peoples who have come before us and the land that hosts us.

Let's take the PCCM across the finish line

June 17, 2024

PRESIDENT'S LETTER: We know that physicians are eager to learn the details of the Physician Comprehensive Care Model (PCCM), a novel and game-changing funding option that will provide family physicians and rural generalists with the stability and incentive to provide life-long, comprehensive patient care. The PCCM will be a critical step to ensuring practices remain financially viable across Alberta.

We’re not slowing down: Read all about it.

June 12, 2024

PRESIDENT'S LETTER: Your Board of Directors is not slowing our pace heading into summer; in fact, we are increasing our efforts. That was a key takeaway from last week’s Board meeting and two days of business and strategic planning for 2024-25 to deliver what you need from the AMA.

Counting oncologists

May 31, 2024

PRESIDENT'S LETTER: The need for oncology care mounts swiftly every passing year with unprecedented population growth. The number of oncology spaces funded in Alberta has failed to keep pace.

Acute care video. Leaders needed

May 24, 2024

PRESIDENT'S LETTER: Call it: an aneurysm ready to burst; a perfect storm; a house of cards. No matter how you describe it, the acute care system is in desperate trouble. That was the subject of our latest Inside Scoop Virtual Town Hall on May 22 with over 250 acute care, hospital and community-based specialists.

Waiting for cancer care is the new normal

May 17, 2024

PRESIDENT'S LETTER: Cancer care provided in Alberta is second to none, when you can access it. Unfortunately, this expert care is no longer being delivered in a timely fashion because we do not have enough oncologists to provide the care that patients need. That’s the key message in the first issue of our new public information series Acute Care Concerns: Cancer Care.

Acute care is an aneurysm ready to rupture

May 14, 2024

PRESIDENT'S LETTER: The acute care system in Alberta is like an expanding aneurysm that could rupture at any time. The clinical and operational channels through which patients flow are severely weakened; the walls containing the aneurysm are thin and ready to give. It is increasingly difficult to support and stabilize patient care. From physicians to the allied health care colleagues who provide Tier One supports, we do not have the people we need.

Complete the Micro-Aggression Training for Physicians course; claim CPD credits

May 9, 2024

CPSA-regulated members who take the 'Micro-Aggression Training for Physicians' course may now claim continuing professional development credits. The course, developed last year by CPSA, Alberta Health Services and the Alberta Medical Association, positions Alberta’s physicians as leaders in addressing racism in health care settings. This online, on demand training aims to help members understand what micro-aggressions are, how to recognize them, why they are harmful and how to respond.

Capital Gains Tax: Pushing back

May 2, 2024

PRESIDENT'S LETTER: I have written to Premier Danielle Smith and requested that she ask the federal government to reconsider proposed changes to capital gains taxation included in the recently announced federal budget 2024.

AMA President-Elect 2024-25 acclamation

April 23, 2024

Dr. Brian Wirzba has been acclaimed to the position of Alberta Medical Association President-Elect for 2024-25. Dr. Wirzba will assume the President-Elect role at the close of the AMA Fall Representative Forum. Member login required to view Dr. Wirzba’s CV.

It’s time to prepare for wildfire season

April 23, 2024

This year’s wildfire season is off to an early and busy start. Much of Alberta is experiencing very high to extreme drought conditions and there have already been evacuation alerts in certain parts of the province. Wildfire officials are urging Albertans to be prepared for any eventuality.

SOMB Changes for April 1, 2024

April 19, 2024

Learn about the latest billing changes to the Schedule of Medical Benefits. The AMA's Billing Corner keeps members up to date on billing changes to the SOMB.

Provide your input on working with WCB-Alberta

April 18, 2024

The AMA is seeking member input in anticipation of negotiations with the Workers’ Compensation Board – Alberta. Learn more.

The PCCM will be implemented: Announcement today

April 17, 2024

PRESIDENT'S LETTER: This morning I participated in a joint news conference with the Minister to announce that government is committing to the Physician Comprehensive Care Model with a target implementation date of fall 2024.

TFP payments, acute care, active advocacy

April 15, 2024

PRESIDENT'S LETTER: The second Inside Scoop Town Hall was Thursday, April 11 and the recording is available (member log in required). Here are some comments on the discussion at the session.

Small patient panels matter, too

April 5, 2024

PRESIDENT'S LETTER: There are many reasons that smaller panels exist, from geographic location, to patient complexity, to unique demographic factors of the patient population being cared for. Some small panels exist today because the physician was unable to financially sustain full time comprehensive care and therefore had to reduce their practice to part-time while shifting to provide other services.

Stabilization payments begin today

April 4, 2024

PRESIDENT'S LETTER: As I wrote to you last week, today we will begin distributing transitional funding support payments to eligible family and rural generalist physician practices. The AMA has received the funds from Alberta Health.

Stabilization funds available - Family/rural docs

March 28, 2024

PRESIDENT'S LETTER: On April 4, transitional funding support will begin flowing to eligible family and rural generalist physician practices. This milestone follows months of relentless advocacy through the AMA and heroic efforts by the Strike Team.

AMA President-Elect: Call for Nominations

March 22, 2024

The call for nominations period for the 2024-25 president-elect is now open. Nominations must be submitted by 9 am, Tuesday, April 23. Learn more about the process and current nominee.

RRNP retroactive payments will be made this week

March 20, 2024

PRESIDENT'S LETTER: Alberta Health issued a Bulletin yesterday indicating that retroactive payments will be distributed this Friday, March 22 to physicians who are eligible for Rural Remote Northern Program (RRNP) benefits.

Positive signals - Improved CaRMS numbers and a commitment from the Premier

March 19, 2024

PRESIDENT'S LETTER: The first round of Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS) numbers was released earlier today, and Alberta has fewer unmatched family medicine residency positions this year than last year. This is good news. I was pleased to see that across the country, the numbers are looking more positive. Visit our website for additional context and an at-a-glance breakdown of the match numbers.

Defining "competitive." Acute care advocacy.

March 8, 2024

PRESIDENT'S LETTER: About 350 members joined our post-budget virtual town hall on Wednesday for an update on where things stand with government and a look ahead at advocacy plans. A recording of the presentation is available on the AMA website (member login required).

With a commitment, we move forward

March 1, 2024

PRESIDENT'S LETTER: I had a chance to speak with Minister LaGrange after the budget announcement. As you know, the AMA has been advocating loudly and ceaselessly for a commitment to a new comprehensive care payment model and stabilization for family and rural medicine. I am grateful to many members who lent their voices to our SOS Save Family and Rural Medicine campaign. You were heard.

Alberta Medical Association Mission: Advocate for and support Alberta physicians. Strengthen their leadership in the provision of sustainable quality care.