Safer Opioid Prescribing Webinar Series

January 16, February 22 and March 21, 2018

This series of three webinars has been created to assist physicians in acquiring knowledge and learning new skills in the field of pain management, especially in the area of chronic non-cancer pain.

Diagnosing ECGs Emergently

January 19, 2018

This workshop includes a systematic approach to systematic interpretation, axis determination, ischemia, injury and infarction, differential diagnosis and case studies.

Complex Fractures and Dislocations Course

January 19, 2018

Learn hands-on skills to deal with complicated fractures and dislocations seen in the rural emergency departments.

Annual Rural Anesthesia for GP Anesthesiologists and Ultrasound Guided Nerve Blocks

January 19 and 20, 2018

Annual Rural Anesthesia for GP Anesthesiologists is intensive one-day course that features a blend of expert-lead didactic teaching and practical skill-development workshops. The Ultrasound Guided Nerve Blocks post-course is a practical hands-on course; demonstration and hands-on practice with ultrasound equipment.

Emergency Medicine for Rural Hospitals

January 19-21, 2018

Clinical topics relevant to physicians, nurses and other health care professionals who practice in rural communities. Through a combination of plenary lectures, small group interactive sessions and hands-on workshops, participants will review current issues, guidelines and trends in the management of patients presenting to the emergency department in rural hospitals.

Radon: Is it in your patients’ home?

Available online, 24-7

In order to better equip health professionals to answer questions about radon and the need for at-home testing, McMaster University, together with Health Canada, the Ontario College of Family Physicians and the Clean Air Partnership, have designed a free, certified program to provide you and your colleagues with reliable, evidence-based information on radon.

Managing Concussions in Clinical Practice

October 20, 2017 or February 10, 2018

A two-part blended learning course on treating patients for concussion. Part one of the course is a certificate-level online course that offers in-depth concussion management training in three modules covering assessment, diagnosis, management. Part two includes an in-person workshop in either October or February.

'Peds ID for Practicing Physicians'

February 15-18, 2018

An Update on Pediatric Infectious Disease designed for pediatricians, family physicians, residents, pharmacists and allied health professionals. There will also be a presentation of the Taj Jadavji Medical Resident Award at this conference, so please nominate a resident today!

Certificate in Patient Safety & Quality Management

September 2017 and March 2018

Designed for health care professionals who want to expand their working understanding of patient safety and quality management concepts. It runs from September 8, 2017 to March 10, 2018 and is offered through the University of Calgary’s Office of Continuing Medical Education & Professional Development. Registration opens June 5. Email to receive a reminder

Evening Course Program & Wednesday Night Webinar

September 13, 2017 to March 14, 2018

A series of lectures targeted to family physicians on Wednesday evenings from 7 to 9 p.m. with topics and speakers selected by a committee of family physicians. Two methods of delivery are offered: in-person at the Clara Christie Theatre, Health Sciences Centre, University of Calgary or via webinar.

Challenging Cases in Opioid Use and Misuse

June 21, 2018

This small group problem-based, interactive workshop builds on the knowledge and expertise from the Safer Opioid Prescribing Webinar Series. (Note: the webinar series must be completed before enrolling in the workshop)

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News and Latest UpdatesRSS

Launching Peer Review: Information and tools for physicians

December 15, 2017

PRESIDENT'S LETTER: As part of our drive for physician stewardship, the Representative Forum has supported development of a peer review mechanism. This was negotiated as part of the 2016 Amending Agreement.

Welcome to Canada! Now for the challenge of accessing health care.

December 14, 2017

The Emerging Leaders in Health Promotion grant program project "HealthLINC: Health Literacy and Information for Newcomers to Canada" aims to improve health care access for immigrants and refugees.

Promoting health in Edmonton through the Men who have Sex with Men project

December 14, 2017

The Emerging Leaders in Health Promotion grant program project "Digital Approaches to Health Promotion in Edmonton MSM (Men who have Sex with Men)" addresses the significant gap in the provision of accessible, evidence-based and locally relevant health information and resources for the Edmonton GBQT community.

Negotiations begin

December 7, 2017

PRESIDENT'S LETTER: Negotiations commence this week with Alberta Health to negotiate a new master agreement. With the 2016 Amending Agreement, we saw an opportunity to help government with the province’s fiscal challenges. At the same time, we wanted to increase our influence within the system in order to improve quality of care. Physicians stepped up as leaders and we have been successful.

Private corporations and tax planning under review: What you need to know

November 29, 2017

MD Financial Management Senior Financial Consultant Christina Kuruliak discusses the proposed changes to tax rules for incorporated physicians.

Mock CaRMS interviews coming January

November 29, 2017

Every year the Canadian Medical Association and AMA host a Canadian Resident Matching Service Interview Training Day to help prepare students for their real interviews. This year's event will take place in Calgary and Edmonton on Saturday, January 6, 2018.

Closing the gap between primary and specialist care

November 29, 2017

One of the most substantial challenges for physicians is system integration between primary care clinics, Primary Care Network services and the rest of the health care system, according to Dr. Brad Bahler.

High times ahead: How will cannabis legalization affect physicians?

November 28, 2017

This past April 13, the federal government finally released Bill C-45, the "Cannabis Act," to considerable fanfare and buzz. Bill C-45 proposes a regulatory framework for legalizing cannabis for recreational purposes in Canada. What does Bill C-45 mean for physicians?

The best gadget is the one that's with you

November 27, 2017

Dr. Gadget discusses the best gadget he owns: his smartphone.

Web Application Architect

November 24, 2017

The Alberta Medical Association is recruiting for a Web Application Architect position with the Corporate Affairs, Information Systems department in our Edmonton office.

Supporting Academic Physicians

November 16, 2017

PRESIDENT'S LETTER: In September, a President’s Letter addressed AMA advocacy around the provincial Academic Alternative Relationship Plan – now known as the Academic Medicine and Health Services Program. The AMA is not a signatory to the AMHSP. We have a seat on its operational and steering committees under our Amending Agreement.

Anxiety in our children: What do they have to worry about anyway?

November 7, 2017

We are recognizing the paradox that some of the traits that make good doctors may also pose risks to physicians’ own well-being. It has become widely known that many physicians struggle with underlying perfectionism and anxiety that can contribute to depression, anxiety disorders, addictions and other mental health conditions. Not surprisingly, many of our colleagues’ children also demonstrate some of these same tendencies.

President's Discussion Boards

October 27, 2017

Late last-evening you may have received an email from us regarding an AMA President's Discussion Board activity update. This is a new tool that we have been preparing for launch. During a test run it was inadvertently launched by email to members.

Physician Compensation Strategy: The video

October 25, 2017

PRESIDENT'S LETTER: We have had many discussions over the last several months about the Income Equity Initiative. It has been rewarding to see how the profession has come together to work on the various aspects of the plan and to make sure we are looking at all the important aspects so we get it right.

Our #GOATs are doing great things to promote physician wellness

October 6, 2017

Through the years, the PFSP has been impressed by physicians who support the wellness of colleagues and create a more open, supportive and compassionate culture for Alberta physicians. To acknowledge the work of some of these students, residents and physicians we’ll give you a glimpse of who is doing what on the ground to promote physician wellness. In our eyes, each of these individuals is a #GOAT (Greatest Of All Time).

We're helping future doctors put down rural roots

October 5, 2017

On Wednesday, October 4 at 1:30 p.m., the Alberta Medical Association's Section of Rural Medicine presented the Tarrant Scholarship to two Alberta medical students. Learn more.

Influenza Immunization Program newsletter - October 2017

October 5, 2017

Keep informed about the latest on Alberta's Influenza Immunization program.

CALL ME – Canadians Alleviating Loneliness and Longing by Mingling with the Elderly

October 5, 2017

With their CALL ME (Canadians Alleviating Loneliness and Longing by Mingling with the Elderly) ELiHP project, co-leads Dr. Nabeela Nathoo and Dr. Omar Damji put a Calgary spin on a UK-based study of the positive effects of a telephone befriending service on the physical and mental health of older adults (65 and older).

AMA and CMA Submission to Department of Finance

October 3, 2017

View the CMA’s formal submission to Finance Canada’s consultation on proposed taxation changes. Also included is the AMA's letter of support. The CMA submission incorporates input from taxation experts, economists and thousands of physicians to demonstrate how proposed changes will negatively impact Canadians. The AMA's letter has also been shared with our Premier, Minister of Health and Acting Deputy Minister of Health.

Community Information Integration

September 29, 2017

The AMA, Alberta Health and the CPSA have collaborated to promote the Community Information Integration Initiative. The goal of this initiative is to improve the continuity of care for Albertans across the health system through better access to primary care and community health information.

Seeking members for the AMA Indigenous Health Committee

September 25, 2017

The AMA is seeking member physicians to join its new Indigenous Health Committee. To indicate your interest in serving on this committee, either as chair or as a member, please click here.

My thoughts on 2017-18

September 21, 2017

PRESIDENT'S LETTER: I wanted to introduce myself as your new president. I am a Calgary pediatrician who has been active with the Alberta Medical Association for almost 20 years in various roles – mostly related to fees and information technology issues. I am honored to have been elected to serve as your president for the 2017-18 year.

Data security

September 21, 2017

Updated Friday September 21, 2017: The AMA has prepared a document to explain what has occurred at Equifax — and what it means for members (to the best of our knowledge at present). Because Equifax is a credit bureau, there are implications for all Canadians, not only those who have purchased services from Equifax. We encourage you to take a few moments to review the document.

President’s thoughts at end of term

September 15, 2017

PRESIDENT'S LETTER: I would like to thank the membership for the opportunity of allowing me to serve as president of the Alberta Medical Association. I am humbled by the trust that has been placed in me. Serving as president is a tremendous responsibility, which I have taken very seriously.

Update on academic medicine developments

September 14, 2017

PRESIDENT'S LETTER: Under the Amending Agreement, the Alberta Medical Association is participating in development of the provincial Academic Medicine and Health Services Program. This is what we have typically referred to as the provincial Academic Alternative Relationship Plan. The parties involved are the universities, Alberta Health and Alberta Health Services.

AMA salutes nine remarkable honorees

September 14, 2017

The Alberta Medical Association is proud to salute nine Albertans – seven physicians, one non-physician and one medical student – as they are honored with the most prestigious awards bestowed by the AMA and the Canadian Medical Association.

Patient portals and secure messaging

September 12, 2017

Over the last decade or so, the advent of computer technology has ushered in a new age of health care in Alberta. From the transition to electronic medical records in community medical offices to the implementation of large-scale electronic health records and clinical information systems, the medical profession in Alberta is now at the crux of integrating the flow of digital health information across the health continuum.

Influenza Immunization Program newsletter - September 2017

September 11, 2017

Keep informed about the latest on Alberta's Influenza Immunization program.

Alberta Health Electronic File Transfer Issues Resolved

September 8, 2017

Earlier today Alberta Health released a bulletin reporting that they had experienced a technical disruption with the file transfers that occur to issue physician payments (fee for service and alternative relationship plan). This issue has now been resolved. Payments began moving to financial institutions late Friday. Some physicians, however, will not receive their funds until Monday.

e-health literacy: Creating our best selves

September 6, 2017

I continue to think about Dr. Gadget’s (AKA: Dr. Wesley Jackson’s) provocative question at the end of his column in the March-April 2017 issue of Alberta Doctors’ Digest: “If you were going to invest now in your future best self, where would you put your time and your energy?” Dr. Jackson was quoting Dr. Robert Waldinger in his 2015 TED Talk about the Harvard Study of Adult Development.

Should study of the history of medicine be a requirement for medical trainees?

September 5, 2017

As yet, the history of medicine is neither mandated for medical student accreditation, nor included in specialty or generalist competencies, but powerful arguments are being made to relevant committees and through academic publishing.

Some pitfalls when using electronic medical records

September 1, 2017

Given the theme of this edition of Alberta Doctors’ Digest (and the fact that this is a medical/legal column), I thought it might be helpful to reflect on some of the risk factors associated with electronic medical records (EMRs).

AHS Clinical Information Systems

August 30, 2017

A revised approach to information sharing among users of the Alberta Health Services Clinical Information Systems will take effect January 1, 2018, pending approval from a number of key stakeholders. Stakeholders include AHS, Alberta Medical Association, College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta, University of Alberta and University of Calgary. This development of a revised approach has been facilitated by Alberta Health.

Project Outreach

August 28, 2017

Project Outreach, established in 1993, provides medical services to children in the developing world. It is a non-profit organization of medical volunteers that is based in Calgary. Learn about the experiences of co-founder Dr. Ruth Connors and fourth-year plastic surgery resident, Dr. Becky Hartley.

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