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    New investigation unit will tackle AHCIP claims and services

    The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) of Service Alberta has been engaged by Alberta Health (AH) to assist in the investigation of claims and services paid for by AH pursuant to the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP) and Government of Alberta drug plans administered by AH.

    The SIU will carry out investigations concerning fraudulent and inappropriate activities in the following areas:

    • Practitioners' professional AHCIP claims and prescribing practices.
    • Dispensing practices by pharmacists and pharmacies.
    • The provision of insured health services to non-insured patients.
    • The suspicious use of health cards or personal health numbers.
    • Any other health services provided to an individual to determine illegal or fraudulent activity including but not limited to the trafficking of prescription drugs.

    The SIU has been created under a special agreement between AH and Service Alberta. The partnerships between the two ministries join the law enforcement experience of Service Alberta's SIU with the technical knowledge and expertise of AH's Monitoring and Investigations Branch. The current claims reassessment process remains the same and will continue to be a responsibility of AH.

    For more information on the SIU please call their general information line at 780.441.2000 or toll free within Alberta at 310.0000 and then 780.441.2000.