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    Governing Rule: 4.8


    • 4.8.1

      If the services of more than one physician are required because of the complexity of the clinical needs of a patient, each physician may claim a benefit for concurrent care. Satisfactory supporting information must accompany the claim.

    • 4.8.2

      If a consultation is required, the attending physician and the consultant may each claim for services provided on the day of consultation.

    • 4.8.3

      If the provisions of GR 4.4.5 apply, a benefit may be claimed by the referring physician only after the full responsibility for the care of the patient has been returned to him/her, or the complexity of the clinical needs of the patient require the services of the referring physician in addition to those of the consultant.

    • 4.8.4

      When the care of the patient remains with the referring physician, audiologist, midwife, chiropractor, podiatrist, dentist, physical therapist or nurse practitioner and the nature of the illness makes further intermittent visits by the consultant advisable, they may not be claimed as repeat consultations.