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    Health Service Code 95.94C

    Ultrasound guidance during injection of soft tissue (trigger point), peripheral nerve, muscle, tendon, ligament, bursa or joint, additional benefit

    1. May only be claimed by Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.
    2. May only be claimed with HSCs 13.59H, 13.59J, 16.89B, 16.89D, 16.99A, 17.71A, 92.78C, 93.91A, 93.91B, 95.93 and 95.96A.
    Category:T Test
    Base rate:$60.25

    Fee modifiers:

    TypeCode# of callsExplicitActionAmount
    CALLNBRSER1For Each Call Pay Base At100%
    CALLNBRSER2 - 2For Each Call Pay Base At75%

    Governing Rules: