Academic Medicine and Health Services Program (AMHSP)

What is the AMHSP?

The mission of the AMHSP is to improve health by providing outstanding clinical, education, research and leadership services. Currently there are 14 AMHSP Arrangements with a combined total of over 950 participating physicians.

AMA Representation of AMHSP physicians

AMHSP Council

The AMHSP Council brings together AMA physician leaders involved in the AMHSP to develop a common understanding of the needs and concerns of academic physicians. As a conduit between grass roots AMHSP physicians and the AMA, the Council includes elected representatives from each AMHSP Arrangement along with AMA representatives on the Provincial AMHSP Operations and Strategy Committees and an AMA-appointed representative from those groups considering entering the AMHSP.

AMHSP Representative Forum Delegates

The AMHSP Council Arrangement representatives elect four (plus one alternate) from within their group to serve as AMHSP delegates on the AMA’s Representative Forum. The current AMHSP RF delegates are identified in the list of AMHSP Council members above.

Negotiating Changes to the AMHSP Agreements

Many AMHSP physicians have expressed issues with various terms and conditions in the AMHSP Agreements (Master Agreement, Individual Services Agreement (ISA) and Policies). As per legislation passed in December 2018, if the majority of physicians in a particular AMHSP Arrangement “opt-in”, the AMA can represent them in the negotiation of their new AMHSP Agreements, which will replace their existing AMHSP Agreements when they expire on March 31, 2020. The AMHSP Council members will be contacting their constituent physicians soon regarding the “opt-in” process. Your Council members have also made several AMHSP documents available in the links below (member login required) to ensure AMHSP physicians are fully informed.

Contact Us

Send your AMHSP comments and issues to or share your share your perspectives on the AMHSP with your colleagues on our member-only Discussion Board (member login required).

AMA Support for AMHSP Physicians

The AMA’s Alternative Relationship Plan Physician Support Services (ARP PSS) team is now available to assist current and prospective AMHSP physicians in the exploration, development and implementation of AMHSP arrangements.

The ARP PSS team (formerly known as the ARP Program Management Office) has been providing critical support to clinical ARP physicians for the past 11 years. The AMA recently negotiated an expanded mandate for this team to include support for AMHSP physicians. AMHSP physicians are encouraged to contact their assigned Consultant (listed below) if they have any questions, issues or support needs.

The AMA advances patient-centered, quality care by advocating for and supporting physician leadership and wellness.