Clinical Alternative Relationship Plan

What is a Clinical ARP?

A clinical ARP is a physician compensation model that provides an alternative to the fee-for-service (FFS) payment method. It compensates physicians for providing a set of clinical services at defined facilities to a target patient population. Clinical ARPs can help to align physician compensation incentives with overall health system objectives. For some physicians, simply being paid differently can enable them to deliver services in a manner better suited to them and their patients.

AMA Representation and Support for Clinical ARP physicians

AH-AMA ARP Working Group

The joint AH-AMA ARP Working Group brings together AMA physician leaders and AH representatives to inform the Management Committee on clinical ARP policy and improvements to alternative physician compensation models. This includes addressing items listed in the Agreement (Schedule 4) and reviewing the AMA’s Top Ten Recommendations to improve Clinical ARP uptake in Alberta.

AMA's Clinical ARP Working Group

The Working Group brings together AMA physician leaders involved in clinical ARPs to understand and advocate for the needs and concerns of current and prospective clinical ARP physicians. As a conduit between grass roots clinical ARP physicians and the AMA, the Working Group includes 10 appointed physician authorized representatives from various existing clinical ARPs in Alberta, along with one member appointed by the Specialty Care Alliance and one member jointly appointed by the Sections of Family Medicine and Rural Medicine.

Send your clinical ARP needs, concerns and comments to the working group at

AMA Negotiation and Advocacy Assistance for Clinical ARP Physicians

Contact:, 780-482-0698 or 780-732-3379.

AMA Physician Assistance with Clinical ARP Exploration, Development and Implementation

AMA Health Economics has several experienced ARP consultants available to support physicians with clinical ARP exploration, development and implementation. To access these resources, please contact

May 29, 2020 Webinar: Clinical ARPs 101

Experienced clinical ARP physicians discuss the benefits and challenges of clinical Alternative Relationship Plans. Through the sharing of their knowledge and perspectives, the physicians discuss common aspects of clinical ARPs, accessing AMA resources for information and support, and utilizing the experiences of others to assist in assessing and choosing a preferred payment model.

Note: The video and documents above reference the role of the AMA’s ARP Physician Support Services (ARP PSS) program. The government terminated the AMA’s grant funding for ARP PSS effective September 30, 2020. AMA support is now available from experienced ARP consultants in the Health Economics department. Please contact The ARP PSS website is no longer active, but several clinical ARP resource documents are available in the section below. The government has yet to update many of these documents to reflect the termination of the ARP PSS program.

Clinical ARP Resources

Clinical ARP Success Stories

The Alex

Addiction Recovery and Community Health Clinic (ARCH)

Boyle McAuley Health Centre

Crowfoot Village Family Practice and The Taber Clinic

Calary Urban Project Society (CUPS)

Indigenous Wellness Program

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)

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