Clinical Alternative Relationship Plan

What is a Clinical ARP?

A physician compensation model for clinical services that provides an alternative to fee-for-service (FFS).

AMA Representation of Clinical ARP physicians

Clinical ARP Working Group

The Working Group brings together AMA physician leaders involved in clinical ARPs to understand and advocate for the needs and concerns of current and prospective clinical ARP physicians. As a conduit between grass roots clinical ARP physicians and the AMA, the Working Group includes 10 appointed physician authorized representatives from various existing clinical ARPs in Alberta, along with one member appointed by the Specialty Care Alliance and one member jointly appointed by the Sections of Family Medicine and Rural Medicine.

Send your clinical ARP needs, concerns and comments to the Working Group at

AMA Negotiation and Advocacy Assistance for Clinical ARPs

Contact: or 780.482.0698.

AMA Clinical ARP Education and Physician Assistance

AMA Webinars on Clinical ARPs

See clinical ARP webinar recordings, presentation slides and FAQs on our Webinars & Online Learning.

AMA Assistance with Clinical ARP Education, Exploration, Development, Implementation and Change Management

Contact the AMA’s ARP Physician Support Services (ARP PSS) at or 1.866.953.3130

Please visit the ARP PSS website at for information on:

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