Community Connections

The AMA knows that many of Alberta's physicians support and participate in projects to help build healthier, stronger communities in Canada and throughout the world. Through Community Connections, we want to celebrate and share the inspiring stories of these dedicated physicians.

In the beginning: Many Hands™

Begun eight years ago as an initiative of Dr. Linda Slocombe (AMA President, 2011-12), Many Hands™ recognized and celebrated the ways in which AMA member physicians give back, not only to the communities they live in, but to communities and populations around the world, through volunteer work.

Introducing … Alberta physicians making Community Connections

In December 2017, we ran our last Many Hands™ profile and in 2019 we launched a new initiative, Community Connections! Community Connections is similar to Many Hands™ but with expanded parameters including profiles of AMA members who – often within the context of their practices and not necessarily as volunteers, per se – demonstrate a commitment to advocacy; to improving the lives of their patients, groups of patients or community groups/populations; and who, through strong leadership, go ‘above and beyond’ to make a difference.

The AMA advances patient-centered, quality care by advocating for and supporting physician leadership and wellness.