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    Governing Rule: 2.7


    • 2.7.1

      A claim must be submitted in the format prescribed by the Minister.

    • 2.7.2

      GR 2.7.1 applies whether the claim is submitted by a physician on behalf of a patient or by the patient.

    • 2.7.3

      For administrative purposes the start of the day is considered to be midnight. A hospital visit which takes place after 0700 hours may be claimed in addition to one of the following services provided between midnight and 0700 hours:

      1. emergency home visit and admission to a hospital and hospital visit on the same day;
      2. home visit;
      3. hospital admission or consultation claimed in lieu of hospital admission;
      4. emergency visit/special callback to hospital emergency/outpatient department, AACC or UCC, when specially called from home or office;
      5. a special call for attendance to a patient at a closed office, with no staff in attendance.
    • 2.7.4

      Unless the Minister considers that extenuating circumstances exist a claim for benefits is payable subject to the timelines indicated in the Alberta Health Care Insurance Act and regulations.

    • 2.7.5

      Claims may be submitted by a physician who is present and supervising a resident or intern during the provision of a service.