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    Health Service Code 03.05JH

    Family conference via telephone, in regards to a community patient

    1. This service is to be claimed using the Personal Health Number of the patient.
    2. May be claimed in situations where:
      1. location or mobility factors of family members at the time of the call preclude in person meetings.
      2. communication about a patient's condition or to gather collateral information that is relative to patient management and care activities.
    3. May not be claimed for:
      1. relaying results for lab or diagnostics.
      2. arranging follow up care.
    4. Documentation of the communication to be maintained in the patient record.
    5. May be claimed in the pre and post-operative periods.
    Category:V Visit
    Base rate:$27.24

    Fee modifiers:

    No modifiers.

    Governing Rules:

    No Governing Rules.