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    Health Service Code 03.01NI

    Patient care advice to paramedic - pre hospital patch, Mobile Integrated Healthcare Unit paramedic, assisted living/designated assisted living and lodge staff, active treatment facility worker for hospital in-patient, long term care worker for patients in a long term care facility, nurse practitioner, hospice worker, home care worker, midwife or public health nurse any day 2200 to 0700 hours, provided via telephone or other telecommunication methods, in relation to the care and treatment of a patient

    1. Active treatment facility worker may include registered: nurse, licensed practical nurse, midwife, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, speech language pathologist, social worker, pharmacist, psychologist, recreational therapist or respiratory therapist.
    2. Long term care worker/hospice worker may include registered: nurse, licensed practical nurse, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, speech language pathologist, social worker, pharmacist, psychologist or recreational therapist.
    3. Advice to nurse practitioners may only be claimed if the nurse practitioner is in autonomous practice or working at a nursing station where no physician is present. Advice to a public health nurse may only be claimed if the public health nurse is employed by AHS and working in an AHS health unit.
    4. Advice to midwives may be claimed if the midwife is in independent practice or working at a midwifery center.
    5. In the case of long term care or active treatment facility worker, claims may only be submitted when the physician is outside the facility where the patient is located.
    6. May be claimed for advice given to midwife, hospice worker, home care worker or public health nurse in person as well as advice by telephone or other telecommunication methods.
    7. HSCs 03.01NG, 03.01NH and 03.01NI are to be claimed using the Personal Health Number of the patient.
    8. May only be claimed when the call is initiated by the long term care worker, assisted living/designated assisted living or lodge staff member, active treatment facility worker, home care worker, nurse practitioner, hospice worker, midwife, public health nurse or paramedic.
    9. In the case of a long term care or hospice patient the call may be initiated by the physician if it is in response to receipt of diagnostic or other information that would affect the patient's treatment plan.
    10. May be claimed in addition to visits or other services provided on the same day, by the same physician.
    11. A maximum of two (any combination of HSC 03.01NG, 03.01NH, 03.01NI) claims may be made per patient, per physician, per day.
    12. Documentation of the communication must be recorded in their respective records.
    Category:V Visit
    Base rate:$24.68

    AMA billing tips:

    • This code may be claimed when the physician receives the request and or responds by fax, email or telephone.

      GR 1.26 Telecommunications means communication via telephone, facsimile or email.

    • 03.01NG, NH,NI May only be billed for in patients.

      Phone calls to facility staff in regards to community patients or out patients may not be claimed.

      Advice to home care workers for patients in a home care program may be claimed for services provided over the phone or in person using 03.01NG, NH, NI

    Fee modifiers:

    No modifiers.

    Governing Rules:

    No Governing Rules.