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    Health Service Code 03.08CV

    Comprehensive consultation via telephone or secure videoconference

    1. May only be claimed if the service is personally rendered by the physician.
    2. The patient's record must include a detailed summary of all services provided including time spent and start and stop times.
    3. Time spent on administrative tasks cannot be claimed.
    4. May not be claimed on the same day as HSC 03.01AD, 03.01S, 03.01T, 03.03CV, 03.03FV, 03.05JR, 08.19CV, 08.19CW or 08.19CX by the same physician for the same patient.
    5. May not be claimed on the same day as an in-person visit or consultation service by the same physician for the same patient.
    Common terms:
    • Virtual
    Category:V Visit
    Base rate:$80.00

    AMA billing tips:

      • Patient must be referred, See GR's 4.3 and 4.4
      • Record the start and stop time of the service in the patient record
      • Surcharge modifiers and time premium are NOT billable in addition to this service.
      • Service must be provided by a physician
      • Will not count towards the daily cap.
      • Other than patients located in NWT at the time of the service, virtual care codes cannot be claimed for patients located outside of AB at the time of the service.
      • Virtual care codes cannot be claimed under the medical reciprocal agreement.

    Fee modifiers:

    TypeCode# of callsExplicitActionAmount
    SKLLANESReplace Base$121.39
    SKLLANPAReplace Base$175.59
    SKLLCARDReplace Base$175.00
    SKLLCLIMReplace Base$202.94
    SKLLCMSPReplace Base$202.94
    SKLLCRCMReplace Base$165.67
    SKLLCRSGReplace Base$161.95
    SKLLCTSGReplace Base$161.95
    SKLLDERMReplace Base$80.00
    SKLLE/MReplace Base$195.12
    SKLLEMSPReplace Base$122.55
    SKLLFTERReplace Base$122.55
    SKLLGASTReplace Base$186.95
    SKLLGNSGReplace Base$154.07
    SKLLGPReplace Base$129.01
    SKLLHEMReplace Base$202.94
    SKLLHEPAReplace Base$175.59
    SKLLIDISReplace Base$201.13
    SKLLINMDReplace Base$202.94
    SKLLMDBIReplace Base$175.59
    SKLLMDGNReplace Base$204.52
    SKLLMDMIReplace Base$175.59
    SKLLMDONReplace Base$202.94
    SKLLNEPHReplace Base$210.92
    SKLLNEURReplace Base$197.86
    SKLLNPMReplace Base$204.52
    SKLLNUPAReplace Base$175.59
    SKLLNUSGReplace Base$131.52
    SKLLOBGYReplace Base$115.01
    SKLLOCMDReplace Base$202.94
    SKLLOPHTReplace Base$121.58
    SKLLORTHReplace Base$109.88
    SKLLOTOLReplace Base$102.89
    SKLLPATHReplace Base$175.59
    SKLLPDGEReplace Base$204.52
    SKLLPDNRReplace Base$204.52
    SKLLPDSGReplace Base$204.52
    SKLLPEDReplace Base$204.52
    SKLLPEDCReplace Base$204.52
    SKLLPEDNReplace Base$210.92
    SKLLPHMDReplace Base$204.69
    SKLLPLASReplace Base$103.80
    SKLLRHEUReplace Base$198.38
    SKLLROSPReplace Base$129.01
    SKLLRSMDReplace Base$207.31
    SKLLTHORReplace Base$193.46
    SKLLUROLReplace Base$95.33
    SKLLVSSGReplace Base$160.56
    CARECMXC30YesIncrease Base By$31.51

    Governing Rules: