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    Health Service Code 03.09A

    Prenatal consultation for fetal assessment

    1. May only be claimed by pediatricians (including subspecialties) or by medical geneticists.
    2. To be claimed under the maternal number.
    Category:V Visit
    Base rate:$196.33

    Fee modifiers:

    TypeCode# of callsExplicitActionAmount
    CARECMXC30YesIncrease Base By$31.43
    SURCEVYesIncrease By$48.70
    SURCNTAMYesIncrease By$116.83
    SURCNTPMYesIncrease By$116.83
    SURCWKYesIncrease By$48.70
    TELETELESYesIncrease Base To120%

    Governing Rules: