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    Health Service Code 98.98B

    Removal of tissue expanders


    When removal is the only procedure performed and not part of another procedure.

    Category:1 Major Procedure (pre-operative period: 0 days, post-operative period: 14 days)
    Base rate:$78.44

    AMA billing tips:

    • Tissue expanders either removal or insertion within the inclusive care period may not be claimed.

      Tissue expander removal or insertion outside of the inclusive care period may be claimed as a visit.

      Inclusive care period refers to the number of days before and after a procedure whereby all visit services (except consultations) are considered to be part of the surgical benefit.

    Fee modifiers:

    TypeCode# of callsExplicitActionAmount
    BMIBMIANEYesIncrease By25%
    BMIBMIANTYesIncrease By25%
    BMIBMIPROYesIncrease By25%
    ROLEANEYesReplace Base$111.05
    ROLEANESTYesReplace Base$18.70
    ANUANU1For Each Call Pay Base At100%
    ANUANU2 - 150For Each Call Increase By$18.70
    UGAUGAYesReplace Base$134.85
    SURCEVYesIncrease By$48.82
    SURCNTAMYesIncrease By$117.12
    SURCNTPMYesIncrease By$117.12
    SURCWKYesIncrease By$48.82

    Governing Rules: