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    Health Service Code 12.21

    Removal of intraluminal foreign body from ear without incision

    Common terms:
    • foreign
    Category:M Minor Procedure
    Base rate:$49.37

    AMA billing tips:

    • Please note, ear syringing / wax removal is billed as a visit +/- complex modifier. Ear wax is not considered a foreign body. The total physician time spent delivering the visit service may be included in the total time for the visit and can be included in the complex modifier calculation. If the physician examines the patient and the nurse (or other qualified staff) provide the ear syringing service, the nurses time may not be included in the total time for the visit or the complex modifier calculation.

    Fee modifiers:

    TypeCode# of callsExplicitActionAmount
    BMIBMIANEYesIncrease By25%
    BMIBMIANTYesIncrease By25%
    ROLEANEYesReplace Base$112.29
    ROLEANESTYesReplace Base$18.70
    ANUANU1For Each Call Pay Base At100%
    ANUANU2 - 150For Each Call Increase By$18.70
    UGAUGAYesReplace Base$134.85
    TRAYMINTIncrease By$13.14
    SURCEVYesIncrease By$48.82
    SURCNTAMYesIncrease By$117.12
    SURCNTPMYesIncrease By$117.12
    SURCWKYesIncrease By$48.82
    LVPLVP75YesReduce Base To75%

    Governing Rules: