Member sections

Dr. Rajdeep S. Padwal, Section of Internal Medicine

Alberta Medical Association (AMA) member sections represent the interests of various professional practice areas.

Section members help to:

  • Set the AMA’s direction through their delegates to the Representative Forum (RF).
  • Convey their members’ views to the AMA board and committees.

Sections play an important role in:

  • Negotiations.
  • Changes and allocations of increases to the physician services budget.
  • Patient-care initiatives.

A complete list of Section presidents is available in Media contacts:
Find contact information for Sections

Find the information you need about AMA sections:

  • Become a section member
    Become an active section member to help your section advocate on your behalf.
  • Pages for section members
    Access your section web page for executive contact and other information.
  • Mediation Assistance
    Informal mediation is available for disputes within and between sections. Acting as an impartial third party, the RF Governance Oversight Group (GOG) Chair will accept complaints or requests for mediation assistance. Depending on the particulars of the request, inquiries will be handled by the GOG Chair or referred to the appropriate individual or group. Please contact us at

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