Representative Forum (RF) delegates**

Below, you will find the names of the following categories of RF delegates:

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Board of Directors



  • Dr. R. Michael Giuffre, Calgary 


  • Dr. Allan S. Garbutt, Crowsnest Pass

Immediate Past President

  • Dr. Linda M. Slocombe, Calgary  


  • Dr. Pauline Alakija, Edmonton
  • Dr. Kathryn L. Andrusky, Edmonton
  • Dr. Sarah L. Bates, Edmonton
  • Dr. Paul E. Boucher, Calgary
  • Dr. Padraic E. Carr, Edmonton
  • Dr. Alison M. Clarke, Strathmore
  • Dr. Neil Cooper, Calgary
  • Dr. E. Sandra Corbett, Fort McMurray
  • Dr. Christine P. Molnar, Calgary
  • Dr. Paul Parks, Medicine Hat  


  • Medical Students’ Association: Braden Teitge, Edmonton
  • PARA: Dr. Joanna S. Lazier, Calgary  

Zonal and regional representatives


South Zone, Region 1

  • Dr. Mark K. Cahill, Lethbridge
  • One vacancy

South Zone, Region 2

  • Dr. Amelia Correia, Medicine Hat
  • Dr. Fredrykka D. Rinaldi, Medicine Hat

Calgary Zone, Region 3

  • Dr. Graham M.D. Campbell, Calgary
  • Dr. Robin G. Cox, Calgary
  • Dr. Brent T. Friesen, Calgary
  • Dr. David G. Halpenny, Calgary
  • Dr. James A. Harder, Calgary
  • Dr. Carolyn A. Lane, Calgary
  • Dr. James R. MacKenzie, Calgary
  • Dr. Daniel J. O'Connor, Calgary
  • Dr. Wendy L. Tink, Calgary

GFT Delegate: Dr. Deirdre L. Church, Calgary

Suburban Delegate: Dr. Jeffrey K. Jones, Claresholm

Central Zone, Region 4

  • Dr. John E. Bromley, Red Deer
  • Dr. T. Malcolm Campbell, Ponoka

Central Zone, Region 5

  • Dr. Ahmed Meer, Sedgewick
  • Dr. William H. Slabbart, Camrose

Edmonton Zone, Region 6 (10 representatives)  

  • Dr. Robert A. Ashforth, Edmonton
  • Dr. E.J. (Sean) Cahill, Edmonton
  • Dr. John Francis Elliott, Edmonton
  • Dr. Louis H. Francescutti, Edmonton
  • Dr. Susan J. Hutchison, Edmonton
  • Dr. Christine P. Kyriakides, Edmonton
  • Dr. Michael P. Poitras, Edmonton
  • Dr. Christopher J. Rudnisky, Edmonton
  • Dr. Bob Turner, Edmonton

GFT Delegate: Dr. Ken Stobart, Edmonton

Suburban Delegate: Dr. Melanie T. Currie, Spruce Grove

North Zone, Region 7

  • Dr. Michael J. Caffaro, Hinton
  • Dr. Craig Hodgson, Whitecourt

North Zone, Region 8

  • Dr. Mohammed A. Al-Ghamdi, Grande Prairie
  • Dr. A. James Pope, Grande Prairie

North Zone, Region 9

  • Dr. Brian E. Dufresne, Fort McMurray
  • Dr. Wolfgang H. Gaisbichler, Fort McMurray

PCN Zone Leads

  • South Zone: Dr. Peter S. McKernan
  • Calgary Zone: Dr. Phillip W. van Der Merwe 
  • Central Zone: Dr. Peter J. Bouch
  • Edmonton Zone: Dr. James R. Adams 
  • North Zone: Dr. Vicci Fourie

Zone Medical Staff Association (ZMSA) Presidents or Alternates

South Zone Medical Staff Association

  • One vacancy

Calgary & Area Medical Staff Society (CAMSS)

  • Dr. Lloyd E. Maybaum, President  

Central Zone Medical Staff Association (CZMSA)

  • Dr. Kevin M. Hay, Acting President

Edmonton Zone Medical Staff Association (EZMSA)

  • Dr. Robert W. Broad, President

North Zone Medical Staff Association (NZMSA)

  • Dr. Josef P. Largoza, Alternate

Section representatives

Section of Addiction Medicine (1 representative)

  • Dr. Stephen L. Amadala, Calgary

Section of Anesthesia (2 representatives)

  • Dr. Michael R. Cassidy, Calgary
  • Dr. Douglas B. DuVal, Edmonton

Section of Cardiology (1 representative)

  • Dr. Jonathan B. Choy, Edmonton

Section of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery (1 representative)

  • Dr. Dennis L. Modry, Edmonton

Section of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (1 representative)

  • Dr. Jordan S. Cohen, Calgary

Section of Chronic Pain

  • Dr. Brian Knight, Edmonton

Section of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery (1 representative)

  • Dr. Mariusz Sapijaszko, Edmonton

Section of Diagnostic Imaging (2 representatives)

  • Dr. J.R. Bruce Bristowe, Calgary
  • Dr. Brijendra Rawat, Edmonton

Section of Emergency Medicine (2 representatives)

  • Dr. Daniel J. Barer, Edmonton
  • Dr. Felix Soibelman, Edmonton

Section of Endocrinology and Metabolism (1 representative)

  • Dr. Sarah Kwong, Edmonton

Section of Gastroenterology (1 representative)

  • Dr. Munaa Khaliq-Kareemi, Calgary

Section of General Practice (10 representatives)

  • Dr. Allan L. Bailey, Spruce Grove
  • Dr. Dianne E. Brox, Edmonton
  • Dr. Mark K. Cahill, Lethbridge
  • Dr. John Coppola, Calgary
  • Dr. Peter V. Davis, Edmonton
  • Dr. Ronald T. Garnett, Lethbridge
  • Dr. Paul W.A. Humphries, Edmonton
  • Dr. Peter C. Jamieson, Calgary
  • Dr. Edward W. Papp, Edmonton
  • Dr. Patricia R. Smith, Calgary
  • Dr. Paul L. Toye, Calgary
  • Dr. Ann R. Vaidya, Calgary

Section of General Psychiatry (2 representatives)

  • Dr. Arlie J. Fawcett, Calgary
  • Dr. Roger C. Rampling, Lethbridge

Section of General Surgery (1 representative)

  • Dr. Paul E. Hardy, Red Deer

Section of Generalists in Mental Health (1 representative)

  • Dr. Raju Hajela, Calgary

Section of Infectious Diseases (1 representative)

  • Dr. Ronald R. Read, Calgary

Section of Intensive Care (1 representative)

  • Dr. Derek R. Townsend, Edmonton

Section of Internal Medicine (2 representatives)

  • Dr. Raj S. Padwal, Edmonton
  • Dr. Michel D. Sauve, Fort McMurray

Alberta Society of Laboratory Physicians (1 representative)

  • Dr. Kelly A. Guggisberg, Calgary

Section of Medical Examiners (1 representative)

  • Dr. Bobbi-Jo Whitfield, Medicine Hat

Section of Nephrology (1 representative)

  • Dr. Nairne W. Scott-Douglas, Calgary

Section of Neurology (1 representative)

  • Dr. Scott F. Wilson, Calgary

Section of Neurosurgery (1 representative)

  • Dr. Cian James O'Kelly, Edmonton

Section of Obstetrics and Gynecology (1 representative)

  • Dr. Thomas F. Corbett, Edmonton 

Section of Occupational Medicine (1 representative)

  • Dr. Kenneth F. Harrison, Fort Saskatchewan

Section of Ophthalmology (1 representative)

  • Dr. Ordan Lehmann, Edmonton

Section of Orthopedics (1 representative)

  • Dr. Iain S. Russell, Calgary

Section of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery (1 representative)

  • Dr. Anita K. Hui, Calgary

Section of Pediatrics (2 representatives)

  • Dr. Sarah A. Hall, Calgary
  • Dr. Raphael F. Sharon, Edmonton

Section of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (1 representative)

  • Dr. Stephen M. McNeil, Calgary

Section of Plastic Surgery (1 representative)

  • Dr. Blair M. Mehling, Edmonton

Section of Public Health and Preventive Medicine (1 representative)

  • Dr. Albert S. de Villiers, Grande Prairie

Section of Radiation Oncology (1 representative)

  • Dr. Rufus A. Scrimger, Edmonton

Section of Respiratory Medicine (1 representative)

  • Dr. Dale C. Lien, Edmonton

Section of Rheumatology (1 representative)

  • Dr. J. Paul Ryan, Calgary

Section of Rural Medicine (2 representatives)

  • Dr. Allan S. Garbutt, Bellevue
  • Dr. David W. Wildeboer, Lacombe

Section of Sport and Exercise Medicine (1 representative)

  • Dr. Marni L. Wesner, Edmonton

Section of Thoracic Surgery (1 representative)

  • Dr. Gary A. Gelfand, Calgary

Section of Urology (1 representative)

  • Dr. Gregory N. Kozak, Calgary

Section of Vascular Surgery (1 representative)

  • Dr. Randy D. Moore, Calgary

Other representatives 

Representatives to CMA Board of Directors

  • Dr. Christopher J. (Chip) Doig, Calgary
  • Dr. Noel W. Grisdale, Black Diamond

Deans or Alternates, Faculties of Medicine

  • University of Alberta (Acting): Dr. D. Douglas Miller, Edmonton
  • University of Calgary: Dr. Jonathan B. Meddings, Calgary

Representatives from Professional Association of Residents of Alberta (PARA)

  • Dr. Joanna S. Lazier, Calgary
  • Dr. Gillian E. Shiau, Calgary

Representatives from Medical Students' Associations

  • University of Alberta: Braden Teitge, Edmonton
  • University of Calgary: Jordan Stosky, Calgary

Representative from College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta

  • Dr. Randall W. Sargent, Canmore

Representative from AMA Past Presidents

  • Dr. G.N. Kiefer, Calgary

Speaker (non-voting)

  • Dr. Carl W. Nohr, Medicine Hat

Deputy Speaker (non-voting)

  • Dr. Darryl D. LaBuick, St. Albert

Alberta Medical Association Mission: Advocate for and support Alberta physicians. Strengthen their leadership in the provision of sustainable quality care.