Vision and Mission

Alberta's physicians and the Alberta Medical Association (AMA) are committed to Patients First®.

Our Vision

The AMA is powered individually and collectively by physician leadership and stewardship in a high-performing health system.

  • Our initiatives as leaders, innovators and clinicians drive Patients First® as a cornerstone of the health care system.
  • Member wellness and economic wellbeing in their practices and communities are supported by our comprehensive negotiated agreements and programs.
  • The voices of members – individually, regionally and within specialties – are heard and reflected within the system through our united voice of openness and accountability.
  • Our physicians are valued and respected throughout the system in their professional roles and through their unique relationships with patients and system partners.

Our Mission

The AMA advances patient-centered, quality care by advocating for and supporting physician leadership and wellness.

Our Values

  • Act with integrity, honesty and openness
  • Maintain relationships of mutual trust and respect
  • Treat others – and each other – fairly and equitably
  • Remain unified through belief in quality care, collective engagement and professionalism

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The Alberta Medical Association stands as an advocate for its physician members, providing leadership & support for their role in the provision of quality health care.