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L to R: Paola Altobelli, Consultant, Health Economics, Stephanie Usher, Website Coordinator, Public Affairs; Allan Florizone, Senior Advisor, Policy and Economics, Health Economics

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Contract opportunities

There are no available contracts at this time. Please check back soon for new opportunities.

Our philosophy

At the AMA, we believe that employees are fundamental to our success as an organization. We seek employees who understand and realize value in what they are doing and are personally committed to their roles within the AMA.

The AMA looks for people who take initiative, and embrace quality, teamwork, personal growth and development. We want people who thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced and challenging environment.

To achieve our mission, the AMA has created a work environment that supports the following principles:


  • Establishes and assesses individual employee goals and expectations.
  • Provides employees with the supports and tools to get the job done.


  • Promotes open and honest communication.
  • Values and seeks employee input.

Fair compensation and benefits

  • Provide competitive compensation and comprehensive benefits.

Transparency and fairness

  • Foster open development and consistent application of all policies and practices.

Work/life recognition

  • Supports the well-being of employees.

Personal/professional growth

  • Encourages and supports employees by providing opportunities that assist in skill and competency development and educational opportunities.

Respectful and safe work environment

  • Encourages and supports a mutually respectful work environment.
  • Upholds safe work practices.

PCN Executive opportunities

The AMA occasionally posts positions involving constituents or partners whose aims are consistent with AMA's Business Plan, such as senior executive positions for primary care networks or partner organizations engaged in building the Patient's Medical Home and other parts of primary care.

Looking for an external job posting?

The AMA does not post external recruitment advertising for physicians or other health care staff positions, with the exception of:

  • Those involving constituents or partners whose intentions are consistent with AMA's Business Plan. View job postings for senior executive positions for primary care networks (PCNs) or partner organizations engaged in PCN evolution and other parts of primary care.
  • Paid classified ads through our bi-weekly newsletter, MD Scope, and quarterly magazine, Alberta Doctors' Digest. View the current MD Scope Classifieds or place an ad.

The AMA advances patient-centered, quality care by advocating for and supporting physician leadership and wellness.