Canadian Medical Association

The Alberta Medical Association is proud to be part of the Canadian Medical Association. Find out about how you can get involved as an AMA member.

Standing up for the health workforce and a better health system has never been more urgent. And it’s increasingly clear that transformational change requires a pan-Canadian response.

The Canadian Medical Association is driving change for and with physicians at a national level. They’re calling for:

  • Urgent collaboration from all levels of government to stabilize the health system.
  • Reduced barriers to licensure to relieve pressure on the health workforce and increase access across the continuum of care.
  • Expanded community-based primary care to better support patients and doctors.
  • A national health human resources strategy to more effectively recruit and retain health workers.
  • Enforcement of the new anti-harassment law for health workers.

Becoming a CMA member gives you a voice when it matters most. Together with CMA, we can build a more accessible, sustainable health system, where patients are partners and providers are supported as people as well as professionals. Together, we have impact.

The Physician Wellness Hub

Now more than ever, physician wellness is a priority. Together we can create a way forward. This Hub provides reliable wellness tools and resources to empower physicians, medical learners, leaders and educators to create change in the culture of medicine.


CMA members are eligible for discounts on leadership courses designed to help them lead through changing times and disruption.

CMA Foundation

The CMA is seeking to improve its social, cultural and environmental well-being by recognizing its social purpose and working with like-minded partners to address key issues that affect Canadians. Through the CMA Foundation, the CMA is providing impactful donations to Canadian charities that further excellence in health and health care.

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