Business Plan and Budget


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The major business plan documents are as follows: (click to view)

A. Vision, Mission and Values

As established by the AMA Board of Directors.

B. Key Result Areas, Goals and Activities (Ends); Healthy AMA (Means)

Cascading from the AMA Mission are the Board-established goals for the organization, which are categorized in three broad Key Result Areas: Financial Health (of physicians and their practices); Well Being (personal and workplace); and System Leadership and Partnership. The purpose of the goals is twofold: they express how the Board wants to deliver value to physician members and what is felt to be most important in moving towards the Vision. Connected to each goal are the related activities planned for the next twelve months. These are developed by staff with Board oversight. Progress on activities is reviewed and updated over the course of the year.

The physician support programs, including the Accelerating Change Transformation Team, Rural Locum Program and Physician and Family Support Program, are key vehicles for advancing several of the AMA’s goals. These programs are funded through grants from Alberta Health and are therefore not included in the Budget, however, many of the activities identified in the business plan are only deliverable with these programs in place.


The second part of Attachment B, “Healthy AMA” identifies key activities in the areas of governance, finances, knowledge, relationships and workforce that help strengthen the association so that it can achieve the ends established by the Board and deliver value to members.

C. 2023-24 Budget

The budget expresses how the resources of the Association will be used to pursue the goals and activities. This includes the AMA’s ongoing operations and the reserves available for one-time use. The budget is an integral part of the business plan and services as a key control and monitoring tool.

Alberta Medical Association Mission: Advocate for and support Alberta physicians. Strengthen their leadership in the provision of sustainable quality care.