Physician Support Programs

Robert Smith, Consultant, Accelerating Change Transformation Team (ACTT)

Learn about our physician support programs as outlined in the AMA's agreement with the Government of Alberta.

Accelerating Change Transformation Team

In 2016 the support programs of Practice Management Program (PMP), Toward Optimized Practice (TOP), and PCN Program Management Office (PCN PMO) began work together to better integrate the support and change services offered. These programs officially merged on November 1, 2018, and were renamed Accelerating Change Transformation Team or ACTT. Learn more.

Business Costs Program

The BCP offers financial support to offset increasing business costs. Learn more.

Continuing Medical Education

The 2022/23 CME Benefit program provides a benefit of $2,200 per physician and will be administered by the AMA. This program is for CME expenses incurred between April 1, 2022, and March 31, 2023. The program parameters for this program will be similar to the AH-administered program. Learn more.

Medical Liability Reimbursement

The MLR program reimburses eligible physicians for part of their CMPA dues and other malpractice insurance. The AMA will take over administration of the MLR program for the 2023 Canadian Medical Protective Association year. Learn more.

One-time payment

The agreement between the AMA and government includes a 1% rate increase in each of the next three years and a 1% recognition lump-sum payment in 2022-23. This lump-sum payment is an additional amount in recognition of the difficulties faced by physicians in the last few years. The payment will be roughly $4,100 per physician, with an initial payment planned before the end of the calendar year. A possible second ‘top-up’ payment will be calculated in the new year. Learn more.

Panel Management Support Program

The Panel Management Support Program (PMSP) is a temporary program, funded by Alberta Health, which provides eligible physicians financial support for costs related to panel management and practice improvement activities. This funding was announced in October 2023 when the Modernizing Alberta's Primary Health Care System (MAPS) final panel reports were released. Learn more.

Parental Leave Program

The Parental Leave Program covers leave for physician parents of a newborn or newly adopted child. Learn more.

Physician and Family Support Program

Contact the AMA's PFSP for confidential help with personal and professional issues. Call us 24/7/365 at 1-877-767-4637. Learn more.

Physician Locum Services®

Physician Locum Services® benefits both physicians in rural areas and locum physicians. Learn more.

Physician On-Call Programs

The Physician On-Call Programs include the following groups: Specialist On-Call, Specialized On-Call, Rural On-Call and Rural GP with Special Skills. Learn more.

Rural, Remote, Northern Program

The RRNP supports physicians who would like to live and practice in rural, remote and northern areas of Alberta. Learn more.

Transitional Funding Program

The Transitional Funding Program (TFP) is a one-time payment, funded by Alberta Health, which provides eligible physicians with financial support. Learn more

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