View some initiatives produced by AMA and physician leaders, including the Joint Physician Advocacy Committee (JPAC).

About JPAC

The Joint Physician Advocacy Committee (JPAC) has been helping to prioritize topics for AMA advocacy. Formerly the Joint Task Force, the JPAC brings specialists and primary care together to support and advise on AMA advocacy activities.

In March 2022, a new phase of AMA advocacy was launched through the JPAC to help Albertans better understand the care deficit that we are facing in our province, and its far-reaching impacts on our system and the personal health of Albertans.

If you have a care deficit topic or area of the system requires that you feel requires focused advocacy, please reach out to

Acute care concerns

Alberta's acute care crisis has been unfolding for many months. We need action toward solutions.

Physician Comprehensive Care Model (PCCM)

The PCCM is a new compensation model for family physicians and rural generalists who are currently paid through fee-for-service or other compensation models.

AMA Strike Team: Working to Improve Comprehensive Primary Health Care

On April 17 the Alberta government committed to implementing the Physician Comprehensive Care Model (PCCM) by the fall of 2024. This new, modernized model will provide family physicians and rural generalists who are currently paid through fee-for-service or other compensation models with a new compensation option. One that will allow family physicians to continue to deliver comprehensive, life-long patient care while keeping their community clinics viable.

Help us send an SOS to government

The crisis in primary care is impacting family physicians, rural generalists and other specialists alike. We have to fix primary care because without that, we can’t fix acute care. Help government, media and the public understand the severe impacts the crisis in family medicine is having on your practice and your patients. Record a 20-second video with our easy-to-use video tool. Just share your name, where you work and the impacts you, your patients and your practice are experiencing.

Save family and rural generalist practices

In December 2023, the AMA launched a province-wide campaign to let MLAs and key cabinet ministers know that health care - and family physician and rural generalist practices - are a priority for the government's upcoming Budget 2024. Learn more.

Local Doctors, Local Issues

We want to hear from physicians about what’s going on in their local area, what they are facing in their practices and what they and their patients need most.

Key Issues Tracker

The Key Issues Tracker is a list of the key activities currently underway and what's happening in each.

Understanding Alberta's family medicine crisis

Alberta’s family medicine system is collapsing and the information on this page has been gathered from front-line family physicians who live this reality every day. They want Albertans to be aware of the issues impacting their health care so we can work together to save primary care.

Handle with Care: How will we fix what’s ailing our health care system?

How will we fix what’s ailing our health care system? Whoever forms our next government needs to commit to making health care a priority. Here are some of the biggest issues facing our health care system and the questions candidates and parties should be able to answer.

The AMA wants to help Albertans understand what is happening in our health care system. Albertans can visit to learn more about the issues and sign up for updates. They can also actively lend their support by contacting their MLAs to express their personal concerns and priorities.

Care Deficit Assessment Series

As promised, a new phase of AMA advocacy is beginning to help better understand what is happening in health care in Alberta. We are also hoping to identify ideas – with partners and stakeholders – for resolution, innovation and solutions. Be sure to bookmark this page as more issues will be posted regularly.

Advocacy resources for physicians

Resources for physicians and Albertans to assist with their advocacy efforts.

Practice Impacts

Secure member resources for physicians closing their practice. Share your story! Are you thinking of retiring early or leaving Alberta, we want to hear from you!

Indigenous health

The AMA Policy Statement on Indigenous Health confirms the AMA’s determination to be leaders in addressing past and current injustices to Alberta’s Indigenous communities.


Alberta’s doctors, through the Alberta Medical Association, have established – Canada's largest online community for patients to share their thoughts about our health care system.

Physician Advocacy

Advocacy is an important component of the doctor-patient relationship and physicians should individually and collectively, advocate with their patients. Advocacy involves the responsible use of expertise and influence to advance patients health care interest.

AMA Advocacy timeline

Find out how the AMA has influenced health policy to meet the health care needs of Albertans.

Health advocacy

AMA members and their patients benefit from our work on clinical and health issues. Find out about AMA patient-centered initiatives.

Understanding Doctors’ Pay

Context Matters: The Facts about Physician Compensation in Alberta: Transparency regarding physician payments is important. An honest conversation about physician payments should include all the facts. Business expenses are a significant component of every physician’s compensation. Doctors’ gross payments are not their take home pay.

Podcast: Alberta This is Going to Hurt

This podcast is no longer being produced. The final episode aired July 5, 2021. While some content regarding the political environment has been overtaken by events, these items are being retained for archival purposes.

Alberta Medical Association Mission: Advocate for and support Alberta physicians. Strengthen their leadership in the provision of sustainable quality care.