AMA executive directors

Cameron Plitt, Acting Alberta Medical Association Executive Director

The first executive directors of the AMA were called registrars.

In 1906, Dr. James D. Lafferty, the AMA's first registrar, organized a meeting of all physicians practicing in Alberta. Thirty-one physicians met in Calgary that year to form the Alberta Medical Association.

From these small beginnings, the AMA has grown into a complex organization that represents over 13,000 Alberta physicians, resident physicians and medical students.

Executive directors and registrars 

Cameron Plitt
Acting Executive Director: 2023-present

Michael A. Gormley
Executive Director: 2002-2023  

Dr. Robert A. Burns
Executive Director: 1988-2001
Assistant Executive Director: 1988

Dr. Robert F. Clark
Executive Director: 1972-87
Executive Secretary: 1967-72

Dr. Robert Woolstencroft 
Executive Director:1967-72

Dr. William Bramley-Moore
Registrar: 1946-67

Dr. George R. Johnson
Registrar: 1922-45

Alberta Medical Association and College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta merged in 1922-1923.

Dr. John Park
Registrar: 1919-21

Dr. George Macdonald
Registrar: 1912-19

Dr. James D. Lafferty
Registrar: 1906-11





Alberta Medical Association Mission: Advocate for and support Alberta physicians. Strengthen their leadership in the provision of sustainable quality care.