AMA Discussion Boards

The AMA Discussion Boards are members-only forums that provide a secure online space for members to discuss issues or topics of importance to them and the AMA. Members can read and respond to posts on existing topics and set notification preferences to stay up-to-date on the topics they are following.

How can physicians participate?

Viewing & Posting

Physicians can access the Discussion Boards by visiting (member login required).

Some boards, such as the President’s discussion board, are open to all members. Others are available only to select groups. Members will only see and be able to post to the boards they have access to. Commenters’ first and last names are automatically attached to posts. For context and transparency, we also recommend including your location and the kind of medicine you practice at the end of your post.


Members can opt to set up notifications and notification frequency for each board they have access to. We welcome you to change your notification settings to the frequency you prefer so that you can best stay up-to-date, see what your colleagues are discussing and participate in conversations.

Setting up a new discussion

If you are the physician leader of a recognized AMA group (i.e. section or committee leaders), and would like to use this new tool to communicate with your members, email us at We can create custom discussion boards as per the needs of your section, committee, etc.

Stuck? Try the user guide

For more help using the discussion boards, refer to the user guide.



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