Scopes of practice

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The AMA continues to monitor evolving scopes of practice and provide feedback to government proposing expansions that impact other health care providers and patient care.

The Canadian Medical Protective Association provides guidance to the medial profession on how to manage the impact to the support of changing scopes of practice.

Guidance from the Canadian Medical Protective Association

The documents below outline the overall effects of these changes, both on patients and physicians (and offer advice to physicians on ways to manage their risk and liability).

The new reality: Expanding scopes of practice

Today’s reality is that physicians are increasingly working with — and relying on — other health care professionals when treating patients.

Evolving models for health care delivery mean that other health professionals are playing an increasingly significant and valuable role in the care of patients.

Shared care: Issues you should consider

Physicians should consider the legal issues common to all shared care arrangements. They also need to consider the legal issues unique to each arrangement, some of which may require varying degrees of supervision by the physician.
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Liability issues when collaborating with prescribing pharmacists

All Canadian provinces have expanded prescribing authority to pharmacists.

The CMPA is actively engaged with provincial/territorial governments and medical associations to ensure that the medico-legal needs of physicians and their patients are appropriately addressed.

Liability protection for nurse practitioners and physicians in collaborative practice

Collaborative practice inevitably reinforces the need for health care professionals to ensure they have adequate personal professional liability protection and that the other health care professionals with whom they work collaboratively are also protected, so that neither is held financially responsible for the acts or omissions of another.

If you have questions regarding scopes of practice, please contact Gayle Burnett, Chief Strategy Officer/AED Professional Affairs.

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