About the Alberta Medical Foundation Charitable Fund

The Alberta Medical Foundation Charitable Fund is dedicated to promoting the research, study and appreciation of Alberta's history of medicine.

Since 1987, the AMF has given (or matched) more than $1 million to:

  • Fund a Chair in the history of medicine at the University of Calgary (U of C).
  • Make annual library grants to the medical libraries at the universities of Alberta and Calgary.
  • Establish the History of Medicine Days at the U of C and the history of medicine programs at Alberta's two faculties of medicine.
  • Help publish and distribute books on Alberta's medical history (most recently, Profiles and Perspectives from Alberta Medical History, by Dr. Robert J. Lampard).
  • Create the Alberta Online Medical History collection with the U of C Press and Health Sciences Library.Visit the collection for free access to a wealth of information about the history of medicine in Alberta.

Note about archiving and collections

The Alberta Medical Foundation (AMF) no longer has an archive and therefore will no longer be collecting or attempting to find suitable homes for any items related to the history of medicine.

Due to legal requirements and practical considerations related to archives, the AMF historically hasn’t had the resources to manage the collection of artifacts. In recognizing this, the AMF asks that individuals seeking to make such donations directly contact organizations in the community whose objectives involve such donations.

Donating to the Alberta Medical Foundation Charitable Fund

If you are an AMA member, you can donate to the Alberta Medical Foundation Charitable Fund. Your support benefits the study and preservation of medical history.

Donate to the Alberta Medical Foundation Charitable Fund

For more information about the Alberta Medical Foundation Charitable Fund, please contact:
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