Dr. Neha Chadha

Dr. Neha Chadha

The AMA Shine A Light program is an opportunity for patients and colleagues to recognize and celebrate member physicians who are “making a difference through their everyday dedication to their patients.”

Recently finished her residency and a new family physician at Edmonton’s Nova Medical Clinic, Dr. Neha Chadha made a lasting impression on, and has a fan-for-life in, the patient who nominated her in June for recognition by the Shine A Light program. 

In her nomination, Paula describes how, as a new doctor, Dr. Chadha took on Paula as a patient, “complicated health portfolio … complex care plan … the ever-changing scenarios of autoimmune disease…” and all!

“As a former health care professional in acute care, I understood my own health portfolio very well, but of course required a GP that would be willing to learn along with me, provide deeper insight for me and treatment plans, as well as be an advocate for me,” says Paula.

“Dr. Chadha has far surpassed my greatest expectations in terms of her excellent care, prompt and accurate referrals, and consistent monitoring of my health condition. She has gone far beyond what we would typically call a ‘good patient advocate,’” Paula adds. “Even my specialists have remarked on what an excellent GP I have.”

“She is kind and empathetic, and she is not afraid to learn or say, ‘Let me look into this and get back to you,’” Paula continues. “She is professional in every sense of the word, yet so well-balanced with being a human and being able to relate to her patients.”

“She’s broken the mold.”

“With our current provincial cutbacks, I thought it time to voice how much GPs such as Dr. Chadha are needed in our health care system. Dr. Chadha is a physician who makes all the difference in the quality of my life in so many ways,” she says. “I would like to ‘Shine A Light’ on this very special physician who gives of herself every day to improve her patients’ quality of life!” 

Continue reading Dr. Chadha's Shine A Light profile (Alberta Doctors' Digest, September-October 2021)

About Shine A Light

Initiated by Dr. Alison Clarke during her 2018-19 term as AMA President, Shine A Light recognizes and profiles AMA member physicians who are making a difference by:

  • Spearheading projects that improve patient and/or community life
  • Diligently following/tracking patients to ensure coordinated care
  • Working long hours and adjusting schedules to meet patient needs
  • Contributing to Alberta’s vision of a high-performing health care system

Do you know a physician who goes above and beyond to care for his/her patients? If yes, please complete the Shine A Light nomination form.

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