$100 million in stabilization family and rural generalist care

December 21, 2023

AMA President Dr. Paul Parks

Dear Members,

This afternoon I joined Minister of Health Adriana LaGrange and Premier Danielle Smith at a news conference to announce that government will apply $100 million to immediate stabilization of family and rural generalist physician practices.

After months of ceaseless, intense advocacy, this is great news and a critical first of three steps that the AMA’s Strike Team has called for in 2024, including a new payment model option:

  1. Stabilize: $100 million paid in early 2024 for up front stabilization of family and rural generalist practices that are failing. Government also commits to an additional $100 million installment of stabilization funding to be paid in early 2025. This is an unprecedented $200 million solely to stabilize family physician and rural generalist practices, while the following steps are achieved.
  2. Transition: Payments to physicians so they can afford to remain in comprehensive care until the new payment model is established.
  3. Transform: Implement the Physician Comprehensive Care Model – an option away from fee-for-service that recognizes the special demands of comprehensive, cradle-to-grave care. It includes payment for:
    • visits and related activity
    • hours worked
    • responsibility for managing a panel of patients

I thank the minister and premier for honouring the commitment to prioritize immediate stabilization of family and rural generalist practices with this significant down payment. The minister has also promised to consider the other steps that need to be taken in the context of Budget 2024.

This is a momentous achievement, reached with your support. We all hope this is the beginning of the road back from the edge of disaster.

For today, I take the opportunity to wish you the best of what this time of year has to offer, including time and celebration with family and friends. You have all given so much, alongside with your health care team colleagues. If you have not seen it yet, please view the special holiday greeting that I signed with the leaders of Alberta’s health associations and unions to honour your contributions and those of all health care workers in Alberta.


Paul Parks
President, Alberta Medical Association

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