2023-24 dues

August 31, 2023

Dr. Fredrykka Rinaldi, AMA PresidentDear Members,
The 2023-24 annual membership renewal statements will be sent to all members next week. After five years of frozen AMA membership dues, the Board has decided to increase dues for some membership categories. This will help the AMA to continue providing support to members in these increasingly challenging times.
The categories affected appear below. You can check the AMA website if you are unsure of your own category.

  • Insured Services (most AMA members: includes fee-for-service, ARPs and AMHSP): $2,100.00 ($154.86 increase)
  • First year in practice: $1,260.00 ($92.99 increase)
  • Administrative medicine: $840.00 ($62.02 increase)
  • Supervised physician: $210.00 ($15.49 increase)
  • Non-resident with benefits: $2,100.00 ($154.86 increase)

If you have any questions or require assistance, contact our Membership and Benefits department at:

I will write again soon, including a heads-up when a top-up to the one-time recognition payments (issued in December 2022) can be expected.
You are always welcome to share your thoughts with me. You can email me via president@albertadoctors.org. You can also comment on this letter on the AMA website.

fred Rinaldi, MD, CCFP, FCFP, LLB, MBA, MPA(HSA), BCom
President, Alberta Medical Association
"Fate whispers to the warrior, 'You can not withstand the storm.' The warrior whispers back, 'I am the storm.'"


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  • #1

    Dr. Marc N. Francis


    9:05 AM on September 01, 2023

    I assume that the AMA will also be negotiating an 8% increase for our next contract which is the amount that they are increasing the fees this year.

    Very interesting that they require an 8% increase to operate but manage to get the hardworking doctors of Alberta only 1% a year over 4 years

  • #2

    Alastair Ewen


    7:28 PM on September 05, 2023

    Why an 8% increase in membership fees when the AMA couldn't get a 1% increase for its members?

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