Alberta’s new leader needs a plan for health care

July 29, 2022

Dr. Vesta Michelle Warren

Dear Members,

I wrote to members recently to advise that the AMA would be engaging with the candidates who are running for leadership of the United Conservative Party. We discussed this at last week’s Board meeting, and today I'm sharing our plans with you.

There are seven candidates running in the UCP leadership race. Soon after the UCP leader is chosen, the province will enter a general election period. The Board agrees that while we need to hear from the candidates about their future plans for health care, we also need to hear about their solutions for the significant health care issues that are currently facing Albertans and require immediate action. Among many challenges, our health care system is in crisis as a result of a massive and prolonged care deficit made worse by pervasive burnout. This is occurring during a major national and international shortage of physicians and other health care colleagues.

The winner of this leadership race will become premier, and they will direct the government with whom Alberta physicians are hoping to rebuild a constructive working relationship. We will want to listen carefully to the candidates. We will also bring them important questions suggested by Albertans through our online patient community,

I extend the same offer to any member reading this letter. What questions would you like to ask the candidates? Please let me know at
The leadership vote will be held on October 6. We will review submissions and compile a questionnaire that I will share with you. I will be reaching out to the candidates to hear from them about what their vision is for the health care system in both the immediate and long-term. We intend to share what we hear with members and the public. Please watch for more information.
You can submit your questions for the candidates or comment on any matter in the following ways:

  • Communicate with me privately and directly by email if you would like a reply:
  • Comment publicly on this President’s Letter (please be aware that comments are public, i.e., not members-only, even if you are logged in as a member). 


Vesta Michelle Warren, MD, CCFP, FCFP
President, Alberta Medical Association

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    Member of the public

    12:16 AM on July 30, 2022

    The candidates should all be brought out and spell out their policies on health in public like the public debates during US elections. All of them will participate at the same time

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