Members describe how care deficit is affecting their practice/patients

October 29, 2021

  • “In-person support for children with physical and developmental disabilities” including “therapies and support within the medical, educational, and social services domains.”
  • “Decompensation in mental health patients and crisis in nearly everyone, including in formerly stable patients” and  “It has been nearly impossible to ascertain inpatient psychiatry beds/hospitalizations for decompensated mental health issues requiring specialized hospitalization and stabilization.”
  • “Many of my patients have ignored physical health symptoms and are still reluctant to go to the local hospital”
  • “Over 60 percent of my patients have no family doctor”
  • “We need solutions for homelessness. Vulnerable patients will soon have no where to go if they are sick and will be living rough in close contact to others.”
  • “Long waits for imaging, tests”
  • “Significantly longer waits for specialist appointments”
  • “Far fewer visits for chronic care, less follow up”
  • “There is a dramatic increase in the volumes to the ER departments, which is likely a rebound effect from the drop in volumes during the pandemic, in combination with reduction in access to primary care”
  • “Internal pressure in AHS facilities to discharge patients who are not stabilized is traumatic for patients and difficult for the outpatient physicians to manage alone”
  • “Patients with ectopic pregnancies are seeking care later than they usually do and this often means that they tubal pregnancy has ruptured by the time they seek care.”
  • “Patients' follow-up appointments generally delayed by about 6 months in my practice, and I worry that some may have fallen between the cracks altogether. So far, I have not seen any disastrous consequences, but I worry.”
  • “As an anesthesiologist many, many delayed surgeries. In addition, each procedure takes far longer and the environment is much less efficient.”
  • “Significant logistical issues with treating patients in hospital, slowing down operating rooms for elective and emergent surgeries.”
  • “Huge increase in eating disorder presentations - can't get them into the ED program because they are understaffed, underfunded and dealing with COVID and isolation concerns”

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