(Excerpt) Chief medical officer of health COVID-19 update

May 25, 2020

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As Alberta moves forward with our relaunch efforts, the need for PPE to protect vulnerable Albertans remains paramount.

This is why the provincial government is keeping key groups as a priority while we change our distribution process.

Going forward, we will continue to prioritize PPE for those at highest risk of exposure to COVID-19.

The province will continue to ensure publicly funded or contracted settings have PPE at no extra cost.

This includes AHS and Covenant health-care workers, first responders, and those working in homeless shelters and publicly funded or contracted seniors care facilities.

For those who do not have other sources in the short term, private organizations can continue to access PPE through the government until June 30, but will need to pay a fair market price.

After June 30, they will need to get PPE from their own suppliers.

I’d like to be clear: government will continue to support and prioritize Alberta’s critical service providers in publicly funded or contracted settings.

There will be no changes in the provincial PPE supply for:

  • hospitals and clinics operated by Alberta Health Services;
  • continuing care facilities, supportive living facilities, and home care services, which are operated or contracted by Alberta Health Services;
  • publicly funded lodges, mental health housing, residential addiction treatment facilities, and shelter operators; and
  • police, fire and emergency medical services.

N95 masks will be provided at a fee to dentists for emergency procedures only, and to morticians for embalming procedures for the duration of global N95 shortages. These requests will be managed through the professional associations.

This is a decision the government did not make lightly.

It is in line with other jurisdictions across Canada—including Quebec, Ontario, BC and Manitoba—who are making the same decision about PPE distribution.

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